Perfect Reasons to Stop using Windows

Are you using Microsoft Windows ? Which version is it ? 2000, XP, Vista or 7 ? Or is it some server edition ? Are you still proud that you’re using the latest version of Windows ? There’s not much reason to be happy about it….

A background on Windows

Windows was a revolutionary. It all started after Bill Gates dropped out of school. He had to get some money. He asked Microsoft to buy his software which he made. Microsoft told him to wait for 2 months. This was good news for Bill Gates as he had not started work on the software yet. He managed to make this software in 2 months and he sold it to Microsoft. This software was called ‘DOS’ (Disk Operating System). Microsoft with the help of Bill Gates had managed to build a GUI(Graphical User Interface) on top of DOS and combined these packages together calling it Windows.

Windows was a revolutionary. There was none at that time that actually could compete with Windows. Because of the easy-to-use interface and the professional support given by Microsoft, every business and every individual started using Windows. But this history need not apply to present day context…

That is really not what should concern you. What should concern you is this – Who owns your computer ?

What happens when you use windows ?

  1. Windows becomes omnipotent
  2. Lets take it in this way, now Windows 7 Ultimate costs $319.99 . Lets say that the next version of Windows will cost 10 times the original ($3190.99). New software that will be created will be only for the latest version of Windows. Don’t believe me ? How many software actually work on Windows 2000 today ? You’ll be soon forced to spend thousands of dollars on getting a windows license.

  3. More software developers will make applications for only Windows
  4. It should be quite clear that if more people use windows, software developers will likely make software for windows. Then there would be no software for other operating systems. At that time, even if for some reason you don’t want windows, there’ll be no other alternative.

  5. Microsoft does not want development, it wants dominance
  6. Critics often say this, and it is a very true fact. There are many open standards that are free, stable and robust. Yet for some reason Microsoft prefers its own applications. Take for example the C and C++ languages. These were good. But Microsoft preferred making C# instead. Also, most of the parts of Internet Explorer do not follow the open web standards. Applications like silverlight just make things worse. Why make these ? The answer is simple. To prove that Microsoft is omnipotent.

  7. Windows is too bloated
  8. Software bloat is a term used to define a software that has many unnecessary features usually not used by the user. Windows comes with many things like the Registry, Graphics, etc. which are not really that important. Surely a good operating systems needs them but there are just too many features in windows.

  9. Not ready to use
  10. Have you ever tried installing Windows yourself ? What did you notice on installing it ? I always notice that there is actually no software at all. After buying an expensive Windows license I’ve to waste time buying software like MS Office. Windows surely cannot be a business solution as it takes too much of time and resources to set up.

  11. Security concerns
  12. How secure is your windows operating system ? No matter whichever firewall or antivirus be installed, Windows will always be insecure. The OS is internally weak. Furthermore, with years of experience by Windows hackers, its now really easy to hack a windows pc. Don’t believe me ? See this then. Google officially dumped Windows due to security concerns. Then why shouldn’t you ?

  13. Viruses
  14. Ever thought of a world without viruses ? Seems like Utopia right ? The truth is that everyone is so deceived with Windows, that they fail to realize that viruses affect only windows and not any other operating system.

  15. Tweaking not allowed
  16. The saddest part of all is that you’re not allowed to modify the windows set up such that it loads all your programs in the setup itself. You can neither modify nor share your Windows CD or license with anyone.

  17. Windows slows down over time
  18. Ever realized this ? Most Windows users do. When you buy Windows then it seems to run really fast, but after some months or years it slows down. To avoid this, Windows users have to spend hours to clean up the Registry, defragment their disks, etc.

  19. Built for profit, not harmony – Copyright, Patents, Royalties, and what not
  20. Windows keeps getting better. It helps make your life easier. But was it really designed to do so ? Think again, Windows was just built for profit to microsoft.

With all these issues, windows merely prevents you from making the full use of your computer. What if you find out that modifying windows slightly will help improve its speed.. What will happen if you give your results to microsoft ? The answer is just this, you’ll be fined because you hacked windows without permission.

With Windows installed on your PC, one thing is for sure. You don’t own your computer anymore, Microsoft does.

Alternatives ?

I would personally suggest Ubuntu:
“Super-fast and great-looking, Ubuntu is a secure, intuitive operating system that powers desktops, servers, netbooks and laptops. Ubuntu is, and always will be, absolutely free.” says the Ubuntu Foundation.

Ubuntu is a virus free, sleek, easy to use operating system that is completely free. It releases a new version every 6 months. Most well known non-profit organizations such as Wikimedia(Wikipedia) have all their computers and servers running ubuntu. No wonder it was awarded the title “Linux for human beings”.

The best part about Ubuntu is that you can try the operating system without installing it. This way you can explore all the features ubuntu has to offer and then decide the switch. To know more Check out the official Ubuntu site


  • Ubuntu is a good alternative. Perhaps not recommended for non-techies. Thats the only drawback it has. But using Open Source applications are fun!
    .-= Mani Viswanathan´s last blog ..SEO will remain unaffected by Google Instant’s Keyword suggestions =-.

  • redhat is also great πŸ™‚

  • I’ve been using Windows for a long time that I didn’t learn to use any other OS.
    .-= Paul/ Entertainment tonight´s last blog ..Thor movie 2011 =-.

    • The truth is most people are better off with Windows, especially after they legally buy a Windows license.. Switching OS will be a tedious task, not recommended unless you know what you’re doing..
      .-= Siddhu´s last blog ..Perfect Reasons to Stop using Windows =-.

  • The truth is, it is hard for Windows users to quit!! 😐

    But still Linux and Mac better alternatives out there. πŸ™‚
    .-= S.Pradeep Kumar´s last blog ..Killer Features Of The New Twittercom =-.

    • You have a very good point there πŸ™‚ Windows is like a drug, very addictive and not easy to quit… But its not easy to learn either… That allows new users a good alternative…
      .-= Siddhu´s last blog ..Perfect Reasons to Stop using Windows =-.

  • Hi very important title sharing telling about telling about Perfect Reasons to Stop using Windows all is very normal work of every computer user thanks for it.

  • That is good but one can not switch from windows to linux directly. Because both are totally different.
    .-= Pankaj Gupta´s last blog ..How to Avoid Rejection of your Google Adsense Application =-.

    • Thats true.. You would have to manually take a backup before changing… But after that Ubuntu is much better than Windows…

  • I am actually still on Windows Xp, I love it! I tried Vista and Windows 7… but immediately went back to XP because it is less bloated compared to Vista+7, I’ve given Ubuntu a shot before but since Windows is the standard, I’d rather maintain the standard.

    Till then,

    .-= used tires´s last blog to dispose of tires =-.

    • Thats the only problem.. Windows is the standard.. People think Windows is better just because everyone uses it..

  • This is always true….

    now windows have become old and time to switch on…..
    .-= Crunchynow´s last blog ..10 Excellent topic to Start your blogging Career =-.

  • I think the time to say good bye to windows is getting close and say hi to linux πŸ™‚
    .-= Luis´s last blog ..1200 Calorie Diet and Meal Plan for Weight Loss =-.

  • Ubuntu is pretty cool. With the exception of games, it can accomplish pretty much anything Windows does.
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  • tehre is every reason to stsop using windows , its not for the pro user , it shucks


  • said2

    @siddhu You are absolutely right. ubuntu is much better than windows in all cases like price, GUI, features and all. But in general as most of the people get the windows using pirated cd’s and dvd’s they never thinks about how much money they have to pay for getting this easy interface of windows. People will start migrating from windows to other open source os’s only when all pirated windows os is removed, which is really a nightmare.

  • Hi, Currently I am running Windows XP 64bit on my first hdd, I would like to install Windows 7 on my second hard drive, does anyone know how to do this so i can keep Windows XP on my first HDD without loosing all the data for XP and have a dual boot between Windows XP 64bit and Windows 7.I know that windows 7 is only the release candidate!Thanks