Ramesh and Suresh’s ReUnion with Cadbury 5 Star [TV Ad]


Reviewing Creative TV ads is our Fantasy! One Such TV ad which caught our eyes is Cadbury’s 5 Star. “jo khaye kho jaye” which Means “One who eats Gets Lost!” is the theme of the Latest Television Ad released by 5 Star Chocolate.

We had already seen Many Campaigns by 5 Star, “Where Customers Forget to Pay for Chocolate (as they have lost themselves eating Five Star ) also Cadburys 5 Star TVC – Lost in taste, Jo Khaaye Kho Jaaye

In This Video, We Can See Two Characters Suresh and Ramesh buying Cadbury 5 Star Chocolate from a shop keeper.. They Notice lately, They were Good Friends and Starts Remembering and says “Hey Ramesh How are You?”, “Hey Suresh How are you?” with a cool Hug. They start asking about each other and forgets each others Identity! [5 Star Impact] … Once They are finished with 5 Star byte, they land into real world, and shows excitement as if they are meeting first time, A Byte of Cadbury 5 Star again Makes them go back… “Both Forget Each Other” Huh!! This is a Crazy TV ad… an Unique Attempt for Sure.. The Best thing in this TV Commercial is The Shop Keeper Always remains the spectacle for “5 Star Victims”! You Can See Many Previous Campaigns by 5 Star with Similar Characters.. here are few Old Cadbury 5 Star TV ads

Download / Watch New 5 Star Ramesh Suresh TV ad Here

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  • To,cadbury 5 star,Change the quotation sir,i like 5 star -thinte mayamainate change it as thinarante maimarchipotharu ok.

  • surender kumar

    jab kuch na aye yad tab eat 5 star


    I realy like to eat 5 star cadbary. but as per my persaption advertisement should be change for more salling.

  • Saumya

    i really like these 5 star ads based on ramesh and suresh ..I LOVE RAMESH AND SURESH ..esp when they say “MASTER G ..PITA G KI PATLOON EK BILANG CHOTI KAR DO “…