PS3 vs PC vs XBOX – A Quick Tour


Hi everyone. Nice to see you all again. This time i am comparing PS3 vs PC vs XBOX.
You all maybe surely knowing what a PS3 is. For all those who are new to this gaming field, here is a short summary of what it really is!
PlayStation 3 often abbreviated as PS3 is a video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. Its mainly used for high performance computing.
Now lets come down to business!

We know when it comes down to Sony PS3 its a superb piece of hardware. Now lets discuss the areas where and how it differs with PC and XBOX.

1. PC cards often have trouble with smoothing of the graphics, but the PS3 has no trouble at all. The cell processor and the GPU chip works to produce something that high-end PC graphic card makers could only dream of.

2. The cell in conjunction with the GPU is capable of squeezing 2.0 trillion floating point operations per second on the fly and outperforms XBOX 360’s 355 billion floating point operations per second.

3. Digital foundry recently did an MSAA analysis. MSAA (Microsoft Active Accessibility is an application to interact with user interface elements of an application or an OS. PS3’s MSAA is far more advanced than anything seen whereas XBOX 360’s can do a maximum of 4x MSAA with built in graphics card. Anti-aliasing and edge smoothing has been a challenge even on the PC front.

4. PS3 has all the good stuff. IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING! The PS3 system has built in Wi-Fi and huge amounts of storage for games, add-ons, videos, photos. Its built in Blu-Ray player shows HD movies at 1080p so you ge pristine picture quality.

5. Meet up with friends and other gamers to discuss games, get new content or team up for online gameplay. The PS3 system offers you some of the industry’s most hottest games such as SOCOM, God Of War III and BioShock 2. THe PS3’s Synergistic Processing UNit (SPU) gives you advanced microprocessor working at blazing speeds to give you the best HD gaming experience.

So my friends go out there and instead of wasting money on PC and XBOX purchase a PS3 and be ensured for atleast 10 years that your PS3 will run all the latest and oncoming games.

Remember when you purchase a PS3 you are ten years ahead of PCs and XBOX coz you are already running the next generation computing system available on the planet.

So go out there and ENJOY!!!


  • that’s nice post but i don’t play games šŸ™‚
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  • wow nice story bro.

  • Megaman_90

    What a bunch of crap. It does everything eh? So I’m guess that you typed up this whole article with your PS3 browser?

    Look, The Ps3 cannot touch a PC in terms of Graphics. A PC can do 16xAA, the textures are also higher-res and the overall resolution can blow the PS3 out of the water. Did you look at any Dragon age or Fallout 2 Screenshot comparisons? Do I even have to mention CRYSIS?

    Obviously you have never played a PC in your life(A 5 year old Dell maybe). Go play on a System maxed out with Crossfire or SLI and then you can tell me a thing or too. N00b.

  • Gautam A.D.

    What the FUCK do u know asshole??
    I use a i7 980x 4.4 GHz processor, EVGA GTX 480 Superclocked 4-way/Quad SLI Stone Giant Graphics Card , EVGA 4 way SLI Classified Motherboard, 6GB Corsair GTX2 Memory, 2x TAGAN BZ 1300w PSU, Windows 7 OS.
    Didnt even hear of that shit, did u?? So just know who u r talkin to u stupid fucking asshole..

    I Know PC graphics have become very powerful now, but PS3 architecture was what i was talking about. It consists of 238 million transistors loaded on a single die and contains 8 SPUs (Synergistic Processing Unit) instead of CPU which enables 20.8 GFLOPS in PS3s.
    Additionally, the collective efforts enabled PS3 alone to reach the petaFLOPS mark on September 23, 2007. In comparison, the world’s second most powerful supercomputer at the time, IBM’s BlueGene/L, performed at around 478.2 teraFLOPS.
    Try to top that u stupid useless piece of SHiT..

  • Megaman_90

    Don’t feel that I’m challenging your intelligence, I don’t think your stupid, so don’t think you have to say a bunch stuff to try to confuse me. This article sounds like its written by a Sony employee, its more of an advertisement than anything else. If you see side-by-side comparisons of the PC, Ps3, 360, and Wii, The PC usually topples all of them.

    Alright, so you have 4-way SLI’d Fermis. That means you spent around 1.5k in GPUs alone, add an i7, a third party cooler(for OCing), a motherboard that supports 4-way SLI, HDD, 6GB of Corsair RAM….those Dual PSUs….You probably spent around 5k on your PC(maybe more). Why would you spend that much when you could get a superior gaming device for 299$? If the PS3 is generations ahead of the PC, why spend over 5k on PC parts? You can’t possibly just be using them for a F@H farm just yet, the Fermi F@H client isnt even out yet. You obviously use that PC for gaming.

  • Gautam A.D.

    Sorry for that blast off. And i m definitely not a SONY employee. I m a student for gods sake. Yep u r right i use that PC just for gaming. Just so u know i dont own a PS3. I was just inspired by the looks and performance of it earlier. And i hav finished Crysis too.
    And i m a big time PC fan. I own a PC bcoz in PS3 u cant modify anything. For any internal modifications to be made it should straightaway go to the store. So i configured my PC to run just about any game.

    Again i m sorry for using that repugnant and Obnoxious language. šŸ™‚

  • Megaman_90

    No Problem man, honestly I probably came across as too confrontational as well. Sorry about that.

    On the subject you have pretty nice PC there. I love PCs too I have built quite few, nothing like yours of course though. I have a Phenom II X3 720 BE @ 3.5ghz, ECS GTX260 BE, 4GB of Mushkin DDR2 800, 700W Antec Truepower and Vista 64.

    Hey how hot do the Fermis run in SLI? I imagine it gets pretty hot, unless you got a caseless setup or a case with lots of fans.

  • Gautam A.D.

    Thanx. And ur PC is good too. Phenom X3 and GTX260, kooool!!
    Oh i have caseless setup man. Otherwise the cards will burn up in flames. They go to about 92deg.c if u r playing a game with high res and lots of shader activity. Idle power usage is about 253w and under load it touches to about 595w.
    The GTX 480 gets hot very quickly once a load is put on it and it becomes a little noisy too.

  • Megaman_90

    I figured as much, 92C is ridiculous though. I remember my 4870 shut down at 90C….How much heat can they endure?

    hehe, I’m guessing they aren’t OC’d or volt modded. I can’t wait to see how well the GTX400 series folds when Stanford pushes out a new client.

  • Gautam A.D.

    The GeForce GTX 480 can withstand a maximum GPU thermal threshold of 105Ā°C. It screams along at 67dB at 85% fan speed, which is ~4200RPM. This is not a silent video card by any means.

    Nope, its not Oc’d or VOLT modded. And i m not going to take the risk to do that. Coz i dont want to experiment with this only one card i have got.

    waiting for the GRFS..hav u seen its trailer??

  • Megaman_90

    I don’t see why you would need to OC them I was just checking. I try to keep my PC as quiet as possible, the Video card is the loudest thing in my system. It idles at 40C and loads @ 82C, but whenever the fan hits about 65% it gets really loud. I got a Corsair H50(liquid) on my CPU and a 120mm Enermax magma PWM for RAD cooling.

    What is GRFS?

  • Jim

    Ok, the writer has told some wrong and old news on the web so lets correct them one by one:

    1) Since WHEN PC cards have difficulty in AntiAliasing ??? Actually PS3 was the ONLY platform having difficulty in AA since the 7800gt based RSX GPU can NOT apply any AA with HDR. XBOX gpu had the 4xMSAA which was a big plus over PS3 games.

    Even the cards 9800gt and hd4850 are way ahead of anything ps3 or xbox360 can and will ever do in terms of AA and AF.

    The article you are referring to is a very biased, uninformative article which is telling that AA is implemented in the very UNDEMANDING game sabetour(its graphics are VERY outdated let alone be anything impressive) via Cell processor and it is compared against no AA in Xbox360.
    Make some more research before you write something.

    2) NO the ps3 NEVER have 2 tflops of power this was a lie which was told before the release of ps3.

    The cell CPU which is the strongest part of PS3 has a total of 218 gflops or so raw power.
    The RSX which is 7800gt has 160 gflops or so power.

    The SUPPOSEDLY 1.8 tflops of additional power were to come from RSX which is the 7800gt based gpu, and even the highest gpu in NVIDIA today which is 4 generations younger has something around 2tflops. So it is a LIE in fact we know that the RSX gpu is the REASON why ps3 was laggin in terms of graphics and ps3 programmers tried to use cell processors extra power for graphics.

    So the total raw power of ps3 is somewhere around 380 vs 355 gflops by Xbox 360, that is IT there is NO HIDDEN OR WHATSOEVER potential. PS3 did NOT come from the heaven’s above, it is a 5 year old technology although a nice CPU that is all there is to it.

    On the other today a 5870hd boosts 2.2tflop just to use for graphics, even a 100 dolar hd4850 or gtx 280 has 1 tflops (these are NOT inflated values the values that you get when you use the same math to calculate the 380gflop total power of a ps3) power just for graphics which is 3 times the whole power of ps3.

    Also ps3 has only 256mb of memory for graphics where pc graphics cards come with 1gb or at least 512mb , the texture sizes are way smaller in PS3 for this reason.

    3) You repeated yourself, answer is in 1.

    I have nothing to say (positive or negative ) about the remaining part.

    NOW, whether you really try to understand or even make further research about the real power of PS3 yourself and see that it is basically an outdated system , or you continue to believe the old woman tales and hypes that ps3 is a divine piece of hardware which is ad always will be the best.

    I took my time to write these and will not bother to write again, I’m perfectly sure of what I wrote and these are the facts whether you believe or not.

    BTW I own pc AND ps3 , honestly I can NOT tolerate the blurry PS3 graphics although I play it because of the exclusives or the sports games which are not released on pc.

    • I am Looking forward for the Author to Reply… I Appreciate your well explained Comment… Welcome to Jim… Soon You would hear from the Author.


  • Gautam A.D.

    Thanx for correcting me, Jim. I had gathered the information from the net. And guess what, it was outdated. I hope ur info is a 100% true.

    I m seeing that u have, of course done a great research on my article. Kudos for u on ur nice work..:)

  • paper

    Console vs PC can be compared at the time of release… since Consoles release once every 6 or so years we will have to compare PS3 vs a high-end PC that was released in 2006.
    PS3 wins because of its technology… Cell, Blu-ray, overall more powerful than any PC.

    Now halfway through 2010 the PS3 seems to be comparable to an average to midrange gaming PC. Average because third party developers don’t put as much effort as first party and midrange because beautiful games like Killzone2, Uncharted2, GOW3, Gran Tursimo 5… etc…

  • I’m a big fan of the PS3 and have owned one since launch. I agree that they are a gamer’s heaven – but I don’t think I’ll ever give up my PC/Mac. Games consoles are for gaming and PCs are for internet surfing/photo editing/work etc

    Of course with the Kinect on the horizon I’m thinking about investing in an Xbox – unless of course Sony wants to come up with a controller free option!
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  • I’m not even getting in on this debate. It could go on forever and most likely will just end up a flame war. I honestly think all of the consoles have something to offer.
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Easy Backup Wizard =-.

  • guywithgamingrig

    hey this is a very biased and useless article. i know that u have a crap,cheap and useless pc. i have compared ps3 and my pc with nvidia 250 gts ps3 is nothing in front of pc’s. you are a big great dumbhead man and u know nothing about pc’ only know how to misguide people who know very little about pc’s to buy a crap ps3.

    • Gautam A D

      wao u really are a very outdated piece of material. i dont know which universe you are still living in, but i have one piece of advise for you…WAKE UP! atleast see the date when the article was published before commenting, and the fact you still are stuck in that 250 gts makes me cry even more and wonders me why the hell aren’t u dead already???

      i know my writing of this comment is also a waste of time but u know just keeping up my courtesy call!!!

      • Sudiep

        pc gaming is far more superior than consoles one…

  • WIck

    ROFL … geeks.