Posterous: The best platform for a personal weblog


PosterousIn the recent past, We had written about Why having a Personal Blog is highly recommended. After that, few friends/readers asked me where can I start a personal blog? I personally recommend you to establish your Personal blog in Posterous.

Why Posterous?

  1. First of all, if you previously had a personal blog in Blogger, wordpress or Tumblr, you can easily import those posts to Posterous. Thus you don’t experience any kind of loss of data.
  2. This feature called Autopost sends your post automatically to various services including Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. The horse point is that you can also Autopost your post to your tumblr blog.
  3. In the manage page you can see how many times a post has been viewed, commented and Favorited.
  4. Setting up Google Analytics and feedburner is as easier than in Google’s own service, Blogger. [Go to: Settings –> Analytics]
  5. Versatile Bookmarklet – Tag and comment on the current page, and also credit the source page at the same time.
  6. Tweet and like button in all the default themes
  7. You can easily set up a top level domain by just adding an ‘A’ record.
  8. Fully Flexible with Theme customizations
  9. Post by E-mail, Bookmarklet, Mobile and more.
  10. A personal blog is much needed, and posterous is the Most reliable [according to me]

Don’t have a posterous blog? Go grab one!

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