Play Quake 2 on Google Chrome


Well there has been much said about webGL and html5 . I personally keep an eye on html5 standards. Guys at google wanted to test how well html5 can handle js with webGl. Being geeks they tried porting the ever famous quake 2 to html5 using Jake2 Java port of the Quake II engine, then used the Google Web Toolkit (along with WebGL, WebSockets, and a lot of refactoring) to cross-compile it into Javascript.Which by itself is like phew !!

As many of you would know that html5 is a serious competitor for adobe flash. But Html5 and webGL has its limitation, Currently 30 frames is something really huge for webGl but for flash its nothing really

Once the webGl standard become available and public. Online Gaming will have a overhauled look :).

The best part is the quake 2 game is in google code . To have a peek Click here

An video is also going viral about this check it out . U’ll be thrilled 🙂