Password Vault makes it easy to remember your passwords

Fed up with your passwords and the ways you try to  remember them! Here is a solution for it.

We use passwords for many number of accounts we maintain for various  networking sites, emails, social sites etc. These passwords which we use cannnot be the same for all sites as different sites ask for differnet way to set the passwords with symbols, numbers, alphabets and special characters. Some sites even maintain the minimum length of a password should be.

Today’s biggest IT security risk and compliance challenge is the mismanagement of these privileged, administrative accounts. These privileged identities exist in virtually every device or software application in an enterprise and as they provide access to an organization’s most critical assets, these privileged identities require extra handling and care.

Password Vault is definitely very compact and handy as its size is just as that of a smart phone. It is capable of holding passwords of, ATM PINS, usernames, Account Information for website  addresses securely storing them for immediate use.

Password Vault device is very much different from the password information on your PC. Since your passwords are stored offline in the vault’s memory. Thus personal information within can never be leaked.

The Pasword Vault comes with a slide out keyboard, where you can also key in additional text notes and accounts afetr entering an initail password. This Password Vault is capable of storing up to 400 account records.

In the Password Vault buttons are used to scroll between accounts for display on the LCD screen. If in case your Password Vault happens to be misplaced, lost, or stolen, all it happens is  five unsuccessful attempts to access your accounts and the device will lock itself for 30 minutes, making sure your passwords remain safely protected. Pressing the reset button does exactly what it says – all data within will be permanently erased, so hopefully there is some sort of fail safe procedure there that requires you to key in yet another password to confirm the reset. A built-in flash memory ensures all  your passwords are retained in memory even when the CR2032 battery required is dead and has to be changed. This device  is available at $49.95.