Orkut Ads on Top of Photo Albums



Seems Like Orkut is experimenting with New Ad Positions.
Now Orkut has come up with new ad position just on Top of your Favorite Orkut Albums.
With Increased People Using The Photo Sharing Feature, Orkut has worked out a new plan to increase its Revenue by stuffing Orkut ads [Ads By Google] Just on Top of it.

Currently, A Leaderboard ad slot of size 728×90 is serving Ads there.
Here is the Screenshot of an Orkut Album Photo Stuffed with Ads.


This is Not The First Experiment By Orkut.
It has been long time, Orkut has started displaying ads on Homepage of Every Profile using a 300×250 Box [rectangular ads] on Hot spots like My Friends, Communities and even on Community Homepages.

More The Ads Orkut Displays, Greater Revenue They Generate.
Ofcourse, It Genuinely disturbs the Orkut Users in Easy Surfing. Who wishes to see Advertisements wherever they see?

Do You Welcome This move by Orkut?