Opera 10.5 is the new fast guy with the looks



Opera released its official version 10.5 of its browser, calling it “The fastest browser on Earth.”

Opera usually never informs its users about its new releases till its in the late-beta stages. But this time it couldn’t keep itself from boasting. Opera had changed the JavaScript engine to Carakan which is 7x faster in SunSpider when compared to Opera 10.10

Also this new JavaScript engine allowed easy HTML5 and Windows 7 Integration, something which everyone was looking forward to.

Reasons to get your hands on Opera 10.5:

1. Windows 7 integration

Opera Windows 7 Integration Opera Windows 7 Integration Opera Windows 7 Integration Opera Windows 7 Integration

2. HTML5 video support

No need for a complicated flash player for different browsers. HTML5 allows you to watch videos directly from your browser without any external software.

3. Better private browsing

Private browsing now on Opera. You can safely browse and be carefree about who uses your browser after you. They wont know what you’ve been browsing.

4. Download Manager with BitTorrent

Torrents are widely used nowadays. Anything you need, usually appears on torrents first. This is also an easier way to share files rather than uploading files to some file hosting service.

5. Improved JavaScript Engine !!

This I found the most convincing reason to switch to Opera. The new Carakan engine is 7x faster and even faster than other browsers according to results by LifeHacker.

6. Dragonfly for developers

If you’re a developer or blogger then you might want to inspect your page elements. This feature is really rigid in Firefox, but quite easy to use in Opera. The dragonfly is the perfect tool for checking errors on your site.


Try out the faster browser in the world yet and tell us your results ? Do you think Firefox can compete this challenge ? Give us your comments…..