Oongli Cricket – An IDEA Saves Ekalavya’s Finger [TV Ad]


So, you’re a cricket buff eh? You know Tendulkar’s world records by the heart. You worship the Indian cricket team and pray for every match. You’re dream is to play cricket for India? IDEA actually gives you a way to partially fulfill your dream. Oongli Cricket is targeted at IDEA mobile users and allows viewers to participate in this unique game. All you need to do is to make optimum use of your fingers and send in the correct answers to the question. The questions of course will be based on the happenings of IPL-3.

IDEA’s unique marketing strategy seems to enormously help them in establishing the credibility of the brand. Be it the “Walk while you talk” campaign or the “Use Mobile – Save Paper” one, they have been successful in getting the point through to the user. I like IDEA ads for their sheer uniqueness of thought. Every ad of IDEA is unique and also drives in the fact that IDEA cellular service is also unique. As an ardent observer of various marketing techniques, I intently wait to see IDEA advertisements.

Recently, I watched a video which is a take on the story of “Drona-Ekalavya”. The ad is about the Kaurava & Pandava princes practicing archery at a gurukul when our hero,”Eklavya” arrives. He is challenged to a duel by Arjuna and we find that he outsmarts him in every way. And just as in the original story, Drona demands Ekalavya to cut off his right thumb and present it to him as Gurudakshina. Here comes the twist in the tale. Eklavya refuses to part his thumb. The reason ? He wants to play Oongli Cricket!! 😀 This ad left me in splits! I never expected this traditional Guru-Sishya story to end in Oongli Cricket! In case you haven’t watched it yet then you can watch it here.

Thats the best part of IDEA’s advertisements! The message pops up when you least expect it.
What an IDEA sirji? 🙂