One Similarity between Blogging and Math that You Must be Aware Of

You read it right! Well, don’t say me Blogging and math is similar because both deal with Money, income, tax and stuff. πŸ˜›
It’s neither correct if you say the former is as difficult as the latter, too.

Well, make a note.

Blogging and Math are similar,Β FormulasΒ is the key

Each successful Blog has a formula behind the screen, which is serving them as a driving force.

Formulas is the key, in the field of Blogging

The Chaaps Formula

The formula that runs the Chaaps blog is:

Spot, Notice, Attack

  1. Spot: Spot a blog that is way ahead of you [At least around a difference of Alexa rank 10k to 15k]
  2. Notice: Notify the person who runs your target blog, so that he also tries to go ahead. Hence, you’ll have a better competition and hence improve.
  3. Attack: Do you think I’ll advice you to work hard? No, smart work is the key to success. Make the most of twitter and Facebook and concentrate on SEO. Well, meanwhile don’t forget to add content with consistent frequency.

What’s your formula? Share with us by commenting. We guarantee, nobody will steal your confidential formula! πŸ™‚

  • I would agree on the formula because I already have my own formula for driving a lot of clicks for my site.
    .-= Paul/ Entertainment tonight´s last blog ..Asia Most Wanted =-.

    • Can you share with us, Paul, what is that formula you use to build your blog?

  • I use the AIDA formula πŸ˜€
    .-= Shaquille Ray´s last blog ..5 Sites To Check Your Google PR Page Rank =-.

    • Can you expand it Shaq? So that I can learn something from you?

  • A very good comparision between maths and blogs and I really liked it.

  • I don’t like to tell people to work smarter instead of harder. I like to think of it as working smarter AND harder. But I definitely agree that plan or a formula is an absolute necessity.
    .-= Nicholas Cardot´s last blog ..Adrenaline Rush- The War Against Mediocrity =-.

    • As a representative of a popular blog, share with me the formula you apply [if any].

  • Ha ha kudos to the new editor @muru0410. A nice comparison i must say . Since there is some change going on in chaaps for the past month. I’d like to share my views on the change and its philosophy .

    Well for starter i totally disagree with this formula . For reason which i feel are very obvious to me.

    1) A blog like chaaps has uniqueness , This is probably 1 in a 1000^n blogs that brings common interests like tech news,advertisements,hacks,tricks,blogging in one place. For me these are things that make chaaps unique. The editor should work hard on making sure to concentrate on these and satisfy the current readers and in doing so attract new readers. The content should not only be seo friendly . IT needs to be human friendly too :).

    2) Comparison is not for the authors or editor to do. Its up for the readers to do that . I feel Chaaps should concentrate on making this site look beautiful,clean and content rich. Again, i’d like chaaps to set its own benchmarks rather than try to reach others benchmarks. If you guys are trying to become someone then you can become only them in future and not reach true success. If still you guys want to do that then set you bench marks really high . Say something like in 2 years you’d want to become better than in term of stats as well as like-ness

    3) Whoo hooo !!! attack ? Alright then be very vigilant on the current aspects and try something to get new with it . Out of the box thinking is something which most blogger lack . Writing “facebook realeased email ” is obvious . “How facebook email will affect your social graph” is normal. The email 2.0 needs radical thinking “Is facebook email close enough?” is cool . ” Facebook email is nothing more than a link to communicate to users on facebook” is keeping it real . Now out of the box would be ? you guys need to work on that.

    According to me your formula is like quick set cement. You don shape it properly then you’d have to do it all over again.

    Sorry for writing so much , its more than the content itself i see πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ . It is because i’m so attached to chaaps i’m conveying my views .

    – Kiran
    .-= Kiran ´s last blog ..What an idea sir-ji =-.

    • We’ll work on it Kiran. Thanks for your care. πŸ˜€

    • Dear Kiran Ruth,
      Thanks for the Fully Packed Intimate Response… The Way it is written is Just Amazing.. Yes, Our Chaaps Community has seen numerous wonderful writers like Srivatsan, Nandini, Kiran Ruth, Shaq, Siddu and Many to List.. The Presence of all these Writers made us to have some kind of Tag which you called it as “Unique”.. what not we all enjoyed a lot lot commenting and having awesome discussions….

      I agree, Things have been changed over the time, The New Editor and His Experiments have made lots of Ups and Downs.. and yeah, absence of a set of writers and their amazing articles has made us down too. I admit.. For Now, Chaaps is more flooded with the New Editor’s Articles which will be mostly facebook and Google Friendly and his very own experiences with social media and others.. I give a Thumbs Up for the New Editor for his consistent work at the same time we are really really taking a tangential path from where we were(3 months back)… Hope things get back to its Place some way or the other….

      Hope The whole Chaaps Community Gets Back to its Form and deliver more and more quality!


      Spot, Notice, Attack! is just a Mantra to Get Up ourselves! πŸ˜›

  • WoW! awesome formula. Spot, Notice and Attack! Thanks for the cool tips and keep up the good work.

  • Yes, you get an adrenaline rush when you compare blogs

  • I like the formula. Though I personally don’t use any formula as such. Just continue to write some unique content, promote it rightly & build up a network. That sounds like a formula, isn’t it ? πŸ˜›
    .-= Mani Viswanathan´s last blog ..Google Hotpot – A new way to recommend and rate Places =-.

  • Ya i truly agree with this post because even i have some trick and formulas. As i brought my site from 36,000,000 to 306,532 in near about one month.
    .-= Karan Agarwal´s last blog ..Opera 101 For Androids Now Available =-.

  • Sukhjit

    nice post bro! Keep hitting posts like that!

  • E = mc^2 …. Given by Einstein himself..
    Efficiency = members * content * collaboration

    Nice article…

    • @All Thanks!
      @Siddhu Wow! Good one Sid!

  • Nice post buddy, I really enjoy such posts from your side, but I still hate maths and love blogging.

  • Great Stuff!

    Thanks for sharing man!
    .-= Aurangzaib Qumbrani´s last blog ..Google Voice for iPhone Released – Available for Download! =-.

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  • Hey nice formula. You have created good logic between Blogging and Math. I like it very much.
    .-= Web Design LA Spinx´s last blog ..Graphic Design for Improving the Web Page Design =-.

  • Great post. I can see exactly why math is like blogging. If you don’t use a formula, then you will never get the right answer.
    .-= Purchaser Of Settlement´s last blog ..Purchaser Settlement Structured Find a Broker =-.