Now send Whatsapp messages from Google Now

Now send Whatsapp messages from Google Now

Remember when Google Now added the feature to send text messages with a voice command?

Remember when text messaging was cool? Probably not.

Earlier, the fix to this was to make Whatsapp your default messaging app. Not quite convenient if you ask me.

However, in the latest update (i.e., the one that came just a couple of hours before the time of writing this), Google now has rolled out a new feature where users can send messages to any of their contacts via Whatsapp/Telegram/Some Other Messaging Clients I never bothered to download.

How to send whatsapp/telegram messages from google now?

  • Install the latest update of Google Now
  • Say “OK Google, Send whatsapp message to Salma Hayek” if you have Salma’s number – or if you’ve saved someone else’s number as Salma Hayek in which case, you fuckin’ weirdo!
  • Google Now will prompt you to recite your message and ask you to confirm it before sending it
  • Bam! Sent!

This feature doesn’t seem to work with Facebook Messenger though which is weird considering it’s one of the most popular messaging clients in android. Who knows what really goes on in the backend of mobile app marketing campaigns? Are google and facebook still beefing? And if they are, did they forget Facebook bought Whatsapp? 😛