Now Google changes it’s color as you type

Note: This time the new logo is seen only in Google UK.

Google just rocked us all by logo powered by HTML5 which left us astonished. And right in the next day, Google put up another amazing logo – which, by default, is grey and gets back its color as you enter your search query.

Google logo as on 08/09/10
Google logo as on 08/09/10

Rush to Google UK right now and have some fun. Here is one fun activity to do:

Put yourself to Kindergarten: Name the colors in the Google logo [But without giving a search query]

Google maybe the homepage for millions but even a hundred of them can’t name the colors of the logo when offline. I said to myself (When offline) that the order of colors in the Google logo was

Blue, Red, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue

But the existing truth was

Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red

I told yesterday that the HTML5 logo maybe because of Google’s birthday. But Mani Vishwanathan, one of the active reader in Chaaps, made me think by his comment – If it was Google’s birthday, is Google born only in UK and US? Whatever, Go enjoy the stuff at Google UK.

I thought the changing of Logos in Google was due to Birthday celebrations and I am (probably) wrong. What’s your take on these awesome logos getting updated daily?