Nokia’s Rumored Windows 8 Tablet- Lumia Coffee Tab

People are anxious to witness the new variant in the Tablet Era. With Windows 8 announcement for Tablets, and Nokia handshaking with Microsoft, It is not surprising to hear rumors now and then. How would a tablet built by Nokia look like? Well,it runs on Windows 8 OS, that’s all we know!!

And what we have concept tablet called Nokia Lumia Coffee Tab, which could soon be a reality! Remember the days when Nokia-Microsoft partnered to become NOKMSFT unveiling the Nokia Concept phones running windows phone 7 …(Similar excitement now for the Tablet now!)

Jorma Ollila, the outgoing chairman of Nokia though confirms the probable launch of a new range of new tablets and ‘hybrid’ smart mobile models, he calls all these rumors as “misconstrued” and asks us to wait till the official announcement! Here we go!

  • Chethan MP

    Nyc one Thimmappa !!!

  • I am also eager to see this tablet in the market soon and also heard that it will be launched after the Christmas means end of this year.

  • Hi Chethan. Great post. The tablet seems cool. Thanks for the post.

  • Glad you enjoyed that Chuck lol. It’s definitely an awesome way to have a burst of action in your business.

  • Look like awesome. Definitely i wanna to use it for business purpose. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • emobile developer

    Let wait for official
    announcement and watch how Nokia will go through this. As far as i think, Nokia
    knows that the tablet market is very competitive and Apple, Google and
    Microsoft are already competing with their tablet products. So, Nokia wait for
    the right time to announce. Even Microsoft currently busy with its own
    Microsoft Surface tablet. I hope Nokia will bring its tablet soon in the
    market. Thanks for the news.

  • I
    think it looks like a great form factor. So most people are ready to go with
    it. I personally like the styling and concept.