Nokia Plans to Downgrade to Series 40 Phones?

“Windows Phone 7 OS will be our Primary Smart Phone OS!” – We heard this from Stephen Elop during the recent Announcement of Nokia – Microsoft deal.

It is easy to interpret from the announcement that Symbian has to bid a GoodBye to all Nokia Smart Phones. Though Nokia’s N8 has found a huge success which runs on Symbian^3, Nokia with its New Long Term Commitment with Microsoft, It is very Ironic that Nokia has to stop the “significant” developments for its Symbian OS. It is interesting to see, how Nokia would proceed from now… will It start De-Advertising its own Smart Phones which runs on Symbian? Or will it Start delivering some buggy Symbian phones Intentionally, to make Windows Phone 7 the hero! and says Go WP7 Go??

WP7 with Nokia Phones is not in market, So Until then, It expects its Users to Try out their traditional Series 40 Phones (the one without Symbian). Nokia must be repenting the time spent on developing Symbian OS, this is what one could understand with the Kind of Zig-Zag-Zo decisions by Nokia. During the Nokia-Microsoft announcement it Stresses on Complete commitment with Series 40 phones and aims at connecting the unconnected to reach the masses.

“Our challenge is to connect the unconnected and help remove the barriers that prevent people from being included in the full benefits of the information age. This is where Series 40 comes into play. We are investing in future assets that deliver an affordable, highly competitive and consumer-focused mobile experience to the traditional Series 40 consumer. Our ambition is nothing short of delivering the best low-cost devices that deliver the richest experiences and applications that our consumers will love.”

says Nokia.


  • Hmm, Nice Article Chetan.

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  • Good move for Nokia,they have to retain back their crown as the worlds most popular phone.

  • Cant wait to see this happen for Nokia. Thanks for the share.

  • nokia should just dump it and move to os with better interface , something like downsized android

  • I don’t know if a downgrade is such a good idea right now. Anyhow thanks for the news.

    – Robert

  • I really don’t think so that Nokia will downgrade to its smart phones that runs on Symbian OS. Of course they will need some strategy to make its WP7 Phones a huge success but not like this way.

  • I really don’t see them downgrading it either. Just doesn’t make much sense to do it at the moment.

  • i dont know if a downgrade is an ideal move rite now, but thanks for sharing this information, its always nice to know what going on, i like nokia myself though.

  • Would be weird for them to downgrade it, well see what happens, I guess I wouldn’t doubt anything…


  • Series 40? Seriously.

    It can’t even multi-task. Series-40 can justify those basic phones (but Sony, LG and Samsung phones can multi-task these days – remember Corby and Walkman?).