Nokia N9: Swipe and get it done

Hi friends. Remember just 1 month back we had written a post on the new Nokia N9 rumored phone surfacing around the internet. Well to your surprise it has now become hands on. Yes, engadget was the first to land its hands on this marvellous device.


Lets set aside all the rumors and lay down the facts on the table. It runs on a Meego 1.2 Harmattan Operating System and features a 3.9 inch AMOLED display. engadget has done a comparison test to check out how impressive the display works and in the result they have nothing but praises for it. The outer material is made of polycarbonate, a plastic which is known for its long term durability at least that’s what the laddies at the Finnish company have to say. It also boasts of an all-HD 8 megapixel camera.


I saved its best feature for last so here it comes. Nokia N9 has no buttons, yes surprised?  The UI is a complete swipe technology, there are no buttons seen on the front end, except the three buttons seen at the right side, the smartphone is a complete masterpiece. If you would like to know the various swipe navigations, head onto NOKIA SWIPE and check it out. You can also feel the swipe experience in a virtual environment over there.


There is no official release date as of yet but you will be seeing it late this year. According to NYTimes, the pricing is set at $670 for the 16GB model and $760 for the 64GB model and is available in colours Black, Cyan and Magenta.


Drop a comment if you wish for a Nokia N9 to fall off from the sky! 🙂


  • thats realy gorgeous…

  • Sweet with only swipe, only drawback I can see it has the price tag of an iPhone.

    • really I had no clue

    • true but even iPhone has a menu button on the front but the N9 doesn’t…no buttons…isn’t it nice! 🙂

  • Great post on Nokia N9.You well explained about this device through screen shots.Thanks for sharing!

  • dr. neel kanth

    will buy it the day it is available

  • I’m owning a nokia e-series right now. Looks like I would like to have this one in my collection! I’ve been a nokia user since I started texting. I trusted this company so much so I might plan to have this one! Great features! Nokia is simply the best!