Nokia Messaging Tips and Shortcut Keys for Nokia E72 and E52 [Mails]


Simple Shortcuts to Try Nokia Messaging on Nokia E72, The QWERTY phone

O- Opening The Mail

R- To Reply to an Email

F- To Forward a Message

D- To Delete a Message

C- To Compose an Email

J- To Move the Screen Up

K- To Move down the Screen

T- To go to the top of the list

B- To go to the Bottom of the list

N- Displays Next Message in the list

P- Displays Previous Message in the list

U- To Toggle between Read/Unread Messages

I- To Expand/Collapse list

Q- To get the Folder option

W- To sort options

S- To Search for a mail in Mailbox

M- To Move a Message to a Folder

Z- To Synchronize your Mails

H- To display Online Help

The Video Explains All ShortCuts & Tips to Check and Organize Emails

Shortcuts to Try Nokia Messaging on Non-QWERTY Nokia Phone like E52

1- To Reply to the Email

4- To display previous message when viewing an Email

5- To display next message when viewing an Email

7- To forward a Mail

*- To Compose a New Mail

8- To Navigate to Bottom

2- To Navigate to Top

#- Marks/Unmarks any Email

3- To Move a message to a folder

5- To Toggle Message between Read/Unread

9- To Synchronize your Email

If you are a Nokia E-Series Users, Have you tried these ShortCuts to manage your emails?