Nokia Eases Social Uploads by Integrating Pixelpipe App on S60 Phones!

Nokia Beta Labs has Officially Launched an Application Called Pixelpipe for its S60 Phones.. The Product is still in Beta and expected to go Commercial in some days. If you haven’t heard about the Pixelpipe Service, It is a One Stop tool for all your Social Needs. Pixelpipe boasts of having 75+ Social Services and the best part is it can be Integrated in a very native for your Nokia S60 Handset. With android, and iOS taking over the Symbian market share, Nokia to sustain its Symbian Market, is trying very hard, releasing so many experimental applications in a timely manner in Nokia Beta Labs.

The App Adds up an option “Send via PixelPipe” for all the Popular Items on your Phone like Photos, Videos, Files and everywhere along with Send Via Message and Bluetooth.

Why do you want to Switch to PixelPipe

1. The Best Part of PixelPipe Application is you have a wide range of Services to Choose! 75 is quite a Huge Number and you have complete control over it! I will Name some of the famous sharing sites which I added: Facebook, Twitter, DropBox, WordPress, Blogger, FTP, GTalk(Status only), Youtube.. I cannot list everything, just see below list!

2. The UI is simple and the functionalities are great..

3. PixelPipe since it comes as an Official App released by Nokia(Beta) you can always trust on them. No Need to worry about the Certificate Issues: Signed /Unsigned/ Untrusted Apps things at all! It is manufacture signed and all you need to do is just DOWNLOAD!

4.The file Size is 199Kb .. a Sis File.. This is not all heavy if you consider the features which this service provide.

5. You will be having Tens and Hundreds of Videos and Photos which is still decaying on your Handset and you are lazy enough to Transfer it to your PC to share across Web ( This is too lengthy Process, I personally hate transferring every video or Photo to PC and then again to ur Photo sites, blogs or others). Where in PixelPipe Pipes it to the Correct services which you had already set with just a click on your Phone “Send via PixelPipe”.

6.You have a BIGG file, as BIG as 5 to 10Mb, and imagine the State of you, uploading this and watching for the “Uploading” Progress bar, which moves in snails pace. Forget about all your crap which you did all these days. The BRILLIANT part of PixelPipe is as soon as you choose to upload the File/Photo/Video it puts up in a Upload Queue and silently sleeps in Background! You will not feel the “HEAVY”ness in sharing things! you can perform your other tasks at the same time!

Who can Download this APP?
All Nokia S60 Phones which belongs to following Categories:
S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2
S60 5th Edition

Download Link for PixelPipe Application . .sis file (199kB)

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