Nokia Drive 2.0 for Lumia is out, adds offline navigation support!

Good news for lumia users, A new version of Nokia Drive is available now in windows market place!

Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps give you comprehensive mobile navigation and the insider knowledge to make it happen. With support across 95 countries, you’ll get accurate turn-by-turn directions to the destination of your choice, as well as information on all the cool places to visit when you get there.

New features in Nokia Drive 2.0

1. Offline navigation support. Allows searching, and route recalculation even when you are offline.

2. Speed limit alerts.

3. Revamped dashboard.

4. Estimated time of arrival.


  • “Speed limit alerts” this will be the most attractive features for me and helps me to boost in the market more specifically.

  • The Nokia Drive 2.0 is very helpful when you drive. It’s amazing technology will help you navigation with a built in map. This is such a incredible mobile phone.

  • This new version of Nokia drive seems very nice from its new features. Offline navigation support is very excellent feature for searching even if when we are offline.

  • emobile developer

    Definitely offline navigation support is truly excellent feature and it’s really great allowing searching and root recalculation even in offline mode. Revamped dashboard will give user easiness and smoothness of operating. Thanks for sharing interesting new features.