Nokia Confident of Fighting back and re-establish


Who is the latest casualty in the smart phone market? Why, Nokia of course! The once world leaders in cell phone manufacturing have been pushed into the oblivion, thanks to the huge inflow of Gen Next smart phones. After Apple, Microsoft and Google entered the smart phone arena, once pioneers Nokia have been reduced to a mere butterfly among bulls and bears. But Nokia has now woken up from its deep slumber and is aiming to recapture their lost territory.

“It’s my aim to ensure Nokia stays as the market and intellectual leader in creating the digital world,” Anssi Vanjoki wrote in a blog on Nokia’s website.

The makers now plan to use software other than Symbian and LinuxMee Go for their products. This is in an effort to try and gain a foothold in the Gen Next cellphone market. However, there seems to be a dip in the profit share currently, but cell phone giants are confident of fighting back and re-establish themselves.

This would be good news for Nokia-loyalists. They can now dream of possessing a killer smart phone from their most trusted brand