No Followers, No following but still you’re listed – Again! [Twitter Bug]

Update: This Issue has been fixed by Twitter right now.

Time: 00:31 IST

We’ve reported this bug in Chaaps maybe around a five or six months back. And It’s showing up again. Yes, a sad news indeed.

Last time around, it was at least put up on the Twitter status about this bug. But now, It ain’t the case – Twitter was down for a while around 00:10 IST and when it was back this bug was spotted.

Twitter bugHey Twitter, is this the gift that you have unpacked for us this Christmas?

Update: I refreshed my account to see if all is well – Aargh! twitter tries to irritate me even more this time. Laugh at twitter (and at me), seeing the screenshot below:

What's next, it sems!
"What's next," it seems for twitter!

What is being wrong? | 00:50 IST

Following, Follower data is now updated.

I reckon this is a design error and hence there’s nothing been said about it in the Twitter Status blog.

Design Error
New twitter: Design Error

Something’s missing in the screenshot above, right? I wasn’t able to figure it out for a couple of minutes but then I realised there’s an extra gap between your latest tweet and following/follower counters. Looking forward to hear a good news about Twitter ss soon as possible. 🙂

Do drop in your comments about this issue. 🙂