Nexus works even in the Earth’s Outer Atmosphere

Nexus S amazing smartphone was found working even on the earth’s outer atmosphere. These green men in the space are not aliens from other planet but are androids launched from earth by google to test limits of Nexus S.

The team from Google were  surprised after Nexus S, the Official Google’s second phone, was found working  even at the earth’s outer atmosphere – at 60,000 feet.

The  Androids were strapped to seven payloads, which each contained one of the new mobiles. They were carried into Earth’s outer atmosphere using weather balloons. The phones were running  applications such as Google maps for Mobile 5.0, which allowed the team to check what was  below the balloon and Google sky map to identify the stars and report their location.

Nexus S could withstand temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees celsius., the GPS kept track of  the phone up to 60,000 ft and started working . The maximum Speed of the payload was 139 mph.

The balloons  could reach heights of over 100,000 feet. They were fixed with still and video cameras. Seven high-altitude balloons were launched on November 13th . The average flight lasted two hours and 40 minutes with the taking around 34 minutes.

Watch the working of this android here

Some pictures taken in space

The set up all set to go

Rising balloon in the space

Picture taken from the andriod

The paths of the balloon in google earth.