[News] Are you a victim of Computer Face?


I am pretty sure you may be thinking if it is a new XSS attack on a website just like Twitter and Orkut had, but it isn’t! It is even worse! It’s a disease, a geeky disease!

Being hunched over computers, women especially are sagging jaws and deep set wrinkles that are likely to show premature signs of agenting, a cosmetic surgeon has identified this phenomenon as ‘Computer Face’.


  • If you are one of the unfortunate who has to work 24 x 7 on a computer, then you will sure end up with inevitably wrinkles.
  • And if you work on a laptop, Mac, then it is quite true that you spend most of the time looking down, your muscles will get shorten and go saggy, may giving you a second neck!

Michael Prajer, who is a botox specialist warned the problem is set to get even worse as generation grows up using computers throughout their working life.


Well, we would suggest if you can leave your work for some days, then take a break or else put a mirror next to your computer so, you can see if you are frowning at screen.
Seriously it is something that we can’t ignore as we bloggers also do the same and may get. What do you think? Any solution that you would like to recommend? Drop it down!


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