New in Facebook: Tagging your friends in your status just became easier.

If there was a list of few sites that keeps rolling out updates every sunset, Facebook would top such a list. Tagging a friend/page in your status just got better.

Earlier, whenever you had to tag a friend, you had to type ‘@’ followed by your friend’s name. Now, It got easier. You can tag your friend in a status without typing the ‘@’ symbol. Here’s a screenshot:

Status tagging gets better

The good, bad and the ugly.

What’s good: Things get easier. Relatively useful for the facebook newbies.

What’s bad: Might take quite some time for the people who have already been using this feature extensively.

What’s ugly: Suppose,Β I type:

After April comes May, May you have a nice day.

And what I get is a drop down list with my friendΒ Mayank Jain featuring there. It’s quite annoying, at times.

Note: this is applicable to tagging people in comments as well.

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  • This was an old update i think :O ???

  • Oh okay it’s new my mistake ! Sorry …

  • gr8 now i can tag friends without typing @. but getting easier also has its disadvantages i guess!!! thanx for this update! πŸ™‚

  • yeah , its easy , but how many times you use the full name to refer a friend. Its not very cool . fb must give a way to shorten name and still tag

    • That’s right. They know what we want, exactly. What you asked is now alive. Check out:

      to your delight.

  • I asked myself while I was receiving a lot more of messages these days… Here is the explanation !

  • Its super-annoying actually. Its one thing to let me use a nickname and then add a link to the original profile. But if I have a friend called Murugesan Azhagiyapandiapuram Venkateswaran, who uses his full name in the profile, but is just called Muru by friends, its really not cool putting his full name in the comment. It just takes the ‘personal’ part out of it.
    But again it is driven from the main US market where every name is a first name, last name combo. But even there, its not like you’ll use the full name to refer to a friend in the comments.
    Am more for the nickname which the user types working as a hyperlink to the main person’s profile.

  • I noticed this feature yesterday as I began typing someone’s name while posting a comment on someone’s post. I have to agree it’s somewhat annoying as it’s not really needed. It’s useful in wall posts but not in comments. But I think Facebook are bored and they just come up with these features for their amusement, haha!

  • You need to type the first letter in capital to make it work. πŸ˜‰

  • This is very easy and useful step tp tag your friends and just his/her name is appeared this is very useful

  • I think it is a best advice for facebook friends.You’ll have to identify your friend from your Facebook friend list; if you aren’t friends with them, you can’t tag them.

  • In my opinion, but also generally speaking – it’s great to see that Facebook is always showing up with great ideas and constantly updating it’s platform. They’re the best because they work non-stop.