New feature available in Google Street View


Google has taken the next step in the search engine wars. Google recently announced that they have planned to integrate user photos into the existing Google Street View. Now, that definitely innovative!! This will help users to view locations from entirely new perspectives. This will help users in easily identifying places and also in navigating.

This feature helps in enhancing the information one gains from Google Maps. In fact, it goes one step further providing suitable visual clues of the place you are looking for. Moreover, this is another step in the right direction for Google, just to make sure that they are well ahead of their competitor, Bing. It is worth mentioning that Microsoft’s Bing Search engine has a similar feature called PhotoSynth which is rapidly gaining popularity.But Google’s decision to allow users to upload pictures seems to be a master stroke as more and more users are likely to contribute photos, thereby enhancing the existing database of photos.

So, how do I contribute stuff? All you need to do is make use of Picasa, Panoramio or Flickr to share pictures. These should primarily depict different views of a place and at different times in a day. Google is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that it emerges winner in the search engine race. But whether it succeeds or not, is something that we have to wait for a long time to find out.


  • The Google car drove down my street this week and I was just wondering how long it takes before the view are uploaded to the maps?

  • I don’t want to know where it is, just a yes or no and whatever additional comments on the matter you’d like to make will do.