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Channel Number 15 NDTV
Channel Number 16 CNN IBN
Channel Number 17 TIMES NOW

Wondering What are These Channel Numbers? This is How i have Configured my Television to Keep in touch with these News Channels.

Why I Chose Consecutive Numbers for These Channels?
I Have a a great Curiosity Just To Know Which news Channel will Crack The News First. Keeping These Channels in Consecutive Way, Helps you to keep track the Fresh News. Provides Great Insight too.

Now These TV Channels Have their own Facebook Pages. And Becoming Fan Of These Pages on Facebook is really useful if you are a News Addict. What Ever News Happens, It will be Updated on Page, which in turn is updated on Your NewsFeed!

Here I have Updated These News Channel’s Facebook Pages.


NDTV Facebook Page Preview:

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CNN IBN Facebook Page Preview:
cnn Facebook

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Times Now

Times Now Facebook Page Preview
times now FACEBOOK

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Which is Your Favourite Among These? Let us Know


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  • Gajanan mahale

    It is best

  • will you please find a commentator that is objective on your channel, Times Now.
    re: subject on Indian students being tagged in U.S
    every country has thier proceedures, this has existed in the U.S since 9/11, even our own Famous Film Stars have been tagged, it has absolutely nothing to do with animals and if there is an infringement, is it not better to be free than in a jail or detention center, someone along the line has abused the system and unfortunely sometimes the innocent have to suffer, but in that case, where will it stop, so please acceot and be patient. It’s not pleasent that’s for sure, but don’t critisize before the investigation gets underway. Thankyou, Alain Morris

  • Chithan Thimmappa, you’ve got a chip on your shoulder!!!!
    Sincerely, A.Morris

  • we are in favour of jan lok pal bill. we support ANNA in his movement of
    anti corruption bill. we request media/newschannels to support public
    movement.why govt is so adamand not to accept jan lok pal bill when people support it. our constitution is for people by the people. so why to make simple understanding so complicated.


  • we want jan lok pal bill. We all strongly support ANNA FOR HIS anti corruption movement. we request all media/channels to support in fav our
    of jan lok pal bill as this is for all peoples welfare. WE dont know why
    govt is so adamand and rigid for not placing strong lok pal bill in parliament.
    Parliament is by people and for people . why not to accept peoples demand.


  • Ashwini kumar

    The Govt Thought that they would beat round the bush this time also but they totally underestimated the repercussions of not talking with the Civil Society People.
    Secondly Now the Govt has bought in Ms Aruna Roy who is also a member of NAC with the Govt , Now she is talking of reforms where was she for the last four Years. And it is but obvious that she will support the Govt for reasons best known to her.
    Thirdly Mr Sibal while addressing the Parliament made the statement said that all the Parliamentarians should take note that they were trying to cut the tree on which all MPs were sitting what does he mean by this statement.
    The fruits of the tree that is Democracy should Percolate to all and not the Top Elite.

  • pvdm

    People movement drafted a sweetened milk to govt to present to parliment
    as Lokpal bill . But govment has dissolved poison into it and now says let parliment churnout the poison and add sweet if it wants.Will Standing commitee will suo motto repeat suomotto take cognisance of Jan LOkpal views which is now in Public domain. oR is there a hideout for it in the guise of conventional procedures rules etc etc, Already there is an xcuse that private bill is out of its domain.