Microsoft Office 2010 – What to expect from it??


After the debacle of Vista and the acceptance of Windows 7, Microsoft corp is all geared up to release its next product – Office 2010, in June this year.

Office 2007 which was the previous office suite release had opened to mixed reviews. With the launch of Office 2010, Microsoft hope to achieve wide acceptance from all users worldwide. So, lets take a look at what we can expect from Office 2010 suite.

Office 2010 comes with Excel, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher and also some advanced applications like Access, Sharepoint, Visio & Groove. The ribbon menu that was first introduced in Office 2007 finds a place in 2010 as well. However, Microsoft provides you with an option to hide the ribbon menu if you find it annoying.

Office 2010 allows you to save your documents on to a cloud & hence access data from any system. The good news is that you can edit documents even on your Macbook.
Windows Skydrive which facilitates this provides a storage of 25 GB.

One feature that i really find useful is the introduction of “Quick Steps” in Outlook 2010. Office allows you to define a series of quick steps that should be performed in succession. For ex, If you want to add a mail that you just sent to an archive, you can define a “Send+Archive” step that is automatically performed every time you send a mail.

With Office 2010, you don’t have to worry about creating PDF documents either. An in-built PDF writer helps you do that. This is good news as we don’t have to spend extra bucks on a PDF writer.


PowerPoint 2010 now allows you to edit videos before adding them in your presentation. So, you can now tweak your videos to give that “professional” look without having to depend on a 3rd party tool. You can also easily embed videos from the Internet into your presentation by merely pasting the emded code. You also have the option of converting your powerpoint presentation into a video & share it on the net.

Office also comes with a built-in screen capture tool that allows you to take screenshots of any application that is currently open. This allows for easy insertion of the snapshot into your documents or mail.

The good news is that Office 2010 has a real-time buddy list integrated with it. This allows you to view who is currently online & also shows you related information that you may have exchanged with them.

On the whole, Office 2010 suite definitely looks promising. But we all know Microsoft too well…don’t we?? I feel its better to wait for the final product before we arrive on a final decision.