LG Optimus 2X Available in India for 30,000 INR

LG Optimus, the brand which is just budding with Android OS now hits the Indian market. LG Optimus 2X is now available for sale at 30,000 INR in India. LG Optimus 2X is a dual core Google Android smartphone.



Along with LG Optimus 2X, the company has also revealed LG Optimus Black, which is again an android smartphone which is priced at Rs 27,000 INR.

LG spoke person also expressed confidence over these devices and making a crucial point –

Smart phones have marked the beginning of a new era and undoubtedly 2011 will be the year of smart phones in India. India market is already witnessing a huge demand for these futuristic devices and this demand will tremendously grow in coming years.

  • I can’t wait for LG to come out with a 4G android, especially for Verizon.

  • I just got a LG Optimus s and I plugged it into my computer via USB cord. I tried to sync it with my windows media player but it won’t show up. I really want to put some music from my windows media player on my phone but I can’t figure out how……. Can you please help me?

    • Mr Child, Have you tried to install the software suite that comes with the phone?

  • these are the first dual core phones in india market i guess . waiting for the worlds best smart phone iphone 4 to arrive . almost time for iphone 5

  • Really sounds cool … dual core mobile..Just a while back we used to be so jilly and jolly running after a dual core desktop system and now we have powerhouses which we can carry out in our pocket, the technology is really changing at such a fast pace. And wondering about Optimus 2, I think LG has really become a force to reckon with in the Android market, I am sure it is going to give its competitors a run for their money with its dual core masterpieces.

  • Don’t you think that LG still has a “charge back-up” problem comparing to NOKIA and SAMSUNG. Undoubtedly LG is offering some cool features with a lower price than others. But they should give their valuable concern to overcome that issue.

  • They are both the same hardware wise, same 3g and regular radio bands, same processor, but the T-Mobile G2x runs stock android, while the LG Optimus 2x runs with LG’s overlay. LG’s overlay has been reported to have lots of bugs, and Stock android on the T Mobile G2x SHOULD be bug free. If you are willing to live with a few bugs, just buy from Asia, its cheaper.

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