Google pulls off yet another Xmas trick - this time it is Let it Snow

“Let it Snow” on Google is yet another Christmas surprise which will amaze you!

Google has startled us with another of its easter eggs, only this time its better. You will be left bewildered after you type in “Let it Snow” in the Google search box. Try it now.

As you know its Christmas time, every year Google manages to pull off a stunt that has nothing but praises for the Global Search Engine. I got the news of this new Google Xmas trick when someone posted a tweet on Twitter. Soon that phrase was scouring all over the internet, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, you name it.

Look at what is the result after a snow fall on Google.

Let it Snow on Google

You can also make signs and symbols after your screen is covered with moisture with a simple drag of the cursor. If you want to go back to a clear screen, just press the blue Defrost button. Isn’t it creative?

Just a month back Google had revealed a Do a Barrel Roll trick which made the whole webpage to do a roll on us. If Google keeps up with these unusual yet amazing tricks i sure as hell won’t hesitate to make Google my wife!

Did you like this new Google trick? Please post in a comment to share your joy with us.


  • Raj

    It works, and it is awesome – thanks for publishing it for our entertainment 🙂

    • thank you raj..u r welcome! 😀

  • Devianrichard

    it’s really amazing tricks by google, one or more tricks u can write in search box like as “tilt”
    use and enjoy

  • What a wonderful idea this is! I have tried it out, it is like a magic and enjoyed lot on browser.

  • I have tried this one were in after pressing enter the snow falls. You can also try typing “hanukkah” without the quotes and see what happens. The same thing also for typing “Christmas” still without the quotes.

  • Hi Gautam! Google is run by people like us, It is a good thing that they make these kind of easter eggs to lightened up people. I hope the “Let it snow” trick will work on my PC.