LCD Mirrored Televisions: Integration into Furniture and the Future


After seeing the new LCD TV product line, I now have a new item that will top my “purchase when I am rich” wish list. This German manufacturing company has created a two-piece television unit that has separated the monitor from the tuner, and the two are connected with a simple cable. This engineering allows the monitor to be placed in locations never before thought of housing a TV.
ad notam DTV example

ad notam® manufactures televisions that they then mount to mirrors creating a gapless flush look. The finished product looks just like a mirror, but with the press of a button a crystal clear television picture appears from the mirror. An unknowing person would just assume they are looking directly into a mirror with no clue that it is actually a TV.

With the screen being so thin, (17” LCD monitor is 11 millimeters deep and weighs less than 5lbs) and its tuner being a separate unite (also tiny, about the size of a laptop) the placement of this television inside a mirror in the bathroom, behind the kitchen stove which is next to the omega 9000 juicer, or in your closet door is now a reality.

New hotels are using this high-class product in their lobbies and suites, and interior designers are now following suit. The concept of not having a bulky TV across from your living room couches, but a beautiful mirror, is quite appealing considering that the unit should spend a majority of the time off. The aesthetic appeal of turning standard furniture into in to something that has incorporated technology is a reality of the modern industry.


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  • That is awesome. I wonder when would a technology like this would ever reach teh Philippines.
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  • That is wild. I hope that this tech gets less expensive sooner rather than later.