Know Why Gmail Marked Some Mails as Important!

Gmail’s Priority Inbox changed the way people read their inbox mails! the Priority Inbox feature enabled users to distinguish between the mails which are important and not-so-important. If you are wondering how Gmail is prioritizing your Mails,  you can find answer yourself, just by hitting on “Show details”  button on any of your prioritized mails! All you can find is a Generic Reason why Gmail marked your Mail as important!

Some of the Reasons why Gmail thinks a Particular mail is important.

1. Important mainly because of the words in the message

2. Important mainly because it was sent directly to you.

3. Important mainly because of your interaction with messages in conversation.

4. Important mainly because of the people in conversation.

5. Important because you marked it as important

Whatever! All we can make out from this is, google has 200% control over our internet behavior and content! Let us know your responses, has Priority Inbox eased your life?

  • My Name is here 😀 I’m famous 😛
    Priority inbox is quite cool, I had been using it for quite a while and think it saves a lot of time. The only reason I keep it turned off most of the time is because I don’t receive too many emails. But during assignments when I get several emails I keep it turned on.

  • Well, the addition of this feature has certainly helped a lot since everyday going through hundreds of mail is not possible. I really did not know how Google marked the importance of mails, this post cleared it all. Thanks Chetan

  • I noticed over the years of using google for my mail, that this would happen in Gmail’s priority inbox that if you had previous conversations with those people. It does make it pretty simple to go through large amounts of mail.

  • Though I saw this priority inbox option but I’s totally unaware about it’s working mechanism. Your detail illustration helps me to understand it clearly. Screenshots were more useful.

  • Hey its cool. I was not knowing this. I think I will try this priority inbox for my Gmail.

  • Yes, i know about it earlier. Anyway, thanks for your update.

  • I don’t seen this option, i will set up in my inbox.

  • since its an experimental feature i dont use priority email .. partiaclly every email is important to me

  • Sa’dillah Mursyid

    so how to know when you received a scam or not? It’s not work properly for me. Gmail doesnt told user what mean it was, sometimes the notification also make any nonsense, cause some of them enable to use it not on the line correctly. For anybody it will be something trouble, because just of the notif. how come we decide when this is the rightly important.. can you answer this?