KickAss Torrents Goes in Beta 2.0


Kickass torrents recently moved the website into beta 2.0 mode. It promises some new functions. Many Torrent downloaders have switched to KickAss Torrents after the downfall of mininova and other search engines.

It does not astonishes me that the new features will gather more users.

Here are some of the features listed on the website’s Official Blog.

The Blog Says

01. Messages
Messages are now available on site and you can send them to any user. All the old messages were transferred from forum to site, so don’t worry. The visual part of the messaging still needs some work, but the tech part is ready and working.

02. Friends
Yes, we’re going a bit social. Now you have a possibility to add friends on KickAss. A bit later we will also present a number of features related to adding friends.

You can add friends through an new option in the User Options.

03. The Wall
All in all we’re just another brick in the wall… but in a more positive way. Now every user has a wall where other users can leave comments.

04. New Design
We did lot of changes to the design and we’ll be happy to hear some feedback on the new look.

05. EZTV and Limetorrents
…are both now our friends and we added their torrents to KickAssTorrents! Enjoy!

06. Comments Subscription
From now on you can subscribe to comments and see the feedback on torrent as an RSS (check the Subscriptions Page to get the RSS Feed).

07. Google Account Login
From now on you can also login through your Google Account.

08. New People Page
From now on the People Page speaks a little more about the KickaAss people.

09. Update on Trends
Search Trends now also available for all content types.

10. The Mighty Search Update 3000
First of all we added tabs to search, from now on if you enter Star Wars you can easily switch results from Movies to Games for example.

And as you might have noticed the second feature is Movie/TV auto-recognition. If most of the search hits in the tab lead to the same movie or series, the info on this media will be shown over the search results.

11. Torrent Info Tabs
The info on torrents is now divided into three tabs:
– Main for main info;
– Locations for tracker info;
– Feedback+Comments, for feedback and comments.

12. User Info Tabs
The info on users is no also divided into four tabs to make the browsing easier – Profile & Friends, Comments, Uploads and Reputation.

And as a dessert, some things that are on the way.
– Special Blogs for some of our users;
– A completely new Help/FAQ system;
– Multi-Language support… Zuerst für Benützer die diesen Satz lesen können 🙂


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  • nice new torrent site , how is the seed ratio

  • I have Norton Internet and Virus Security 2009 but I don’t know how to scan torrents for viruses? Is it possible to scan torrents BEFORE you download them? If so, then please explain how to do it. If not, then how do you scan the torrent once it’s been downloaded? Thanks a lot!