Joel Zumaya Injury Video. Suffers Major Elbow injury [Base Ball]


Detroit Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya suffered a serious elbow injury Monday night in Minneapolis, leaving  field in pain. With one out in the eighth inning, the hard-throwing Zumaya threw a 99-mph fastball to Twins outfielder Delmon Young.

Zumaya reacted almost instantly, twisting in discomfort before falling to the ground. His right hand was shaking, and Tigers catcher Greg Laird – who was 60 feet away from Zumaya at the time of the injury , said he heard a pop.

The rest u can see in the video below:-


  • Strictly for pitching injuries I would rank Wilbur Wood getting his knee cap shattered by a Ron LeFlore line drive as the most pain I’ve ever left for a pitcher getting injured while watching a baseball game.

    About 10 years ago I remember watching the replay of a Boston Red Sox pitcher taking a line drive to the eye and it wasn’t pretty.

    Dave ….yikes.