ISRO’s OCEANSAT-2 Satellite to Monitor Marine Life Launched Successfully



Good News!
ISRO(Indian Space Research Organisation) has been successful in launching New Satellite OCEANSAT-2 .

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Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C14) carried OCEANSAT-2 Satellite along with 6 other European Nano Satellites.

What is The Job of OCEANSAT-2 Satellite?
OCEANSAT-2 Satellite from ISRO has been Launched in order to Monitor and Keep Track of Oceans. OCEANSAT-2 are used in advanced Ocean Research. OCEANSAT-2 helps in Weather Prediction.

What is the Cost of OCEANSAT-2 Satellite?
160 Crore.

When was OCEANSAT-2 Launched?
Satellite OCEANSAT-2 was launched at SHAR Range at 1151 hrs IST at Sriharikota.

OCEANSAT-1, the Similar Ocean Satellite had been launched in the year 1999. OCEANSAT-1 and OCEANSAT-2 belongs to Series of Indian Remote Sensing Satellite.

How much does OCEANSAT-2 weigh?
OCEANSAT-2 weighs 960 Kgs.

What devices does OCEANSAT-2 is carrying?

2 devices

Microwave Scatterometer
Ocean Colour Monitor

which does the necessary wind speed measurement over the surface of ocean in order to track the onset of mansoon.

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