the carrier iq threat - is it present in your smartphone?

Is your Android handset being compromised without you knowing?

Carrier IQ is the name of the new threat that’s been hitting millions of Android phones worldwide. Apparently Carrier IQ is a phone tracking company that logs information from your specific carrier and sends it to their computers for a complete signal analysis and performance reports. At least that’s what was believed they were doing!

According to a recent discovery by Trevor Eckhart, an Android Security Researcher,

Eckhart shows how software developed by mobile-device tracker Carrier IQ logs each keystroke and then sends them off to locations unknown. In addition, when Eckhart tried placing a call, Carrier IQ’s software recorded each number before the call was even made.

trevor eckhart demonstrating the workings of carrier iq

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After this leak was known many mobile and smartphone manufacturers such as APPLE, HTC, Samsung and Nokia are denying affiliations to the mobile tracking company Carrier IQ. In fact, APPLE immediately responded when questioned, that it will remove the Carrier IQ completely in a future software update of the iOS 5.

The Android Operating System developer Google has also refused any connections with Carrier IQ and told that Carrier IQ software does not come pre-installed with the operating system and it is not responsible for how carriers and mobile manufacturing companies modify the applications on their devices.

After learning about this new development many multinational companies and famous personalities are demanding for an explanation and are distancing themselves from Carrier IQ because we all know its going down, as the mess is now pretty big!

I think this is a major breach of our privacy and personal lives. What do you think? Share you thoughts and let us know in the comments.

Source: The Verge, CNET, ZDNet

  • Google and Apple had taken the right decision towards the Carrier IQ because if they don’t do that privacy of personal data would been lost.