Is E-PickPocketing really Possible?

We know about Pick Pocketing but what is E-pickpocketing?

E-PickPocketing is a new technology that can  scan a pocket or purse of yours secretly to read information about your credit cards equipped with Radio Frequency Identification Technology(RFIT).

A man using a card reader and netbook  at Memphis was able to collect information about the credit cards of different people he passed by.  He got to know thier credit card numbers, names and expiration dates without even touching them. The card holders did not know anything what was happening. Anyways the thieves cannot steal the CVV number of the credit card as reported by Discovery News.This credit card scam can scan only the information about the card and card holders name but cannot steal the card from that person, its useless if it can’t be used at an e-retailer like Amazon.

The American government knows about this since many years and that is why the government has introduced a special jacket that has to be worn my all the government employees for their government IDs.

A special product called security sleeves is available which can be purchased which prevents card readers from collecting information encoded in RFID chips and keeps your card information protected.

  • Wow I am sure many people out there do not know of this either, pretty surprising that it is not common knowledge. I am sure though even if they don’t know the CVV number, there can still be things done ;(


  • Hey I was not knowing about this. This can be good and sometimes bad for others as they do not know that anyone also have his credit card number and all. It is very interesting post.
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  • The company I work for sells a lot of RFID equipment but this is the first time I have ever heard of anything like this. I know what is capable with RFID but the fact that people are able to do something like this is kind of scary