Is downloading through BitTorrent safe?


In the recent years Bit Torrent is one of the few things that have emerged from the scratch and have spread in the whole world.

Millions or maybe more billions of people are downloading and uploading Petabyte(that is lot more that Gigabyte) of stuff from internet. Its is uncommon to find a man who hasn’t heard of BitTorrent or is familiar with the word torrent.

With the rise of Bittorrent the people have found a way of getting pirated softwares, movies and music… Although BitTorrent was created for sharing of legal stuff but nothing can be safe from piracy.

Few is a number of people who haven’t downloaded a movie or software from the BitTorrent. Even I have downloaded some.

But the thing is with the rise of piracy level through the bit torrent companies are facing loss of Billion Dollars a year.That’s too much.

To keep a check on this many organisations have been set up which are scattered through BitTorrent world and are keeping an eye on the people downloading these things.

The most commonly known organization is M.P.A.A (Motion Pictures Association of America). These guys are tracing the IP’s of  people who are downloading and uploading illegal stuff.

They later trace the IP with the help of your ISP they locate your home and sen you a beautiful letter with Boldly Written alphabets that “You have been found guilty of downloading pirated…..” and demanding thousands of dollars fine.

Many including me are using Peerblock ( Its is a program which blocks the known IP’s of these type of organizations and other people). But they just block the known IP’s. These Organizations are clever that they constantly change their IP.

Now the question is, Is Downloading From bitTorrent Safe?…

The answer is clear that with these companies keeping an eye on us we are nowhere near safe. And if by chance you get to see that notice delivered to your home claiming of huge $$$ sum you wouldn’t even dare to see a tiny BitTorrent client like uTorrent also.


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  • Oh man !! I can tell you one thing… its safer in India as out government doesn’t have well defined rules about cyber crime… Proud to be an Indian 😛

  • I think Indians have still not adopted strict rules for checking piracy. But in other countries, you may be sued heavily for this!
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  • That is why I use Limewire..
    .-= Brandon´s last blog ..Inca Trail Trek =-.

    • Brandon lime wire isn’t safe at all. Most of the items I downloaded from it were infected.

  • I know a lot of people who have gotten into trouble because of this. It’s pretty bad to have to pay several thousand dollars just because of downloading something through BitTorrent.

    • Hi Julius, Welcome To
      Yup You were Right, We are Taking a huge Risk!!!!!!

  • It is as safe (unsafe) as we allow it to! Internet as can be a dangerous place to be in and the danger increases even more if we are dealing with P2P where we have no idea whatsoever about who is on the other side of the connection!
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  • Using peer to peer software can be a very fun way to download all of your favorite music, games, movies, applications, and more. With the ever rising threat of the MPAA and other like corporations, not to mention the government this activity is being monitored with a close eye.

  • This thing can happen in the west, but in India, no way mate. Considering a pirated download , just think the number of seeders and leechers we see on a torrent when a new movie torrent is published, atleast one million will download, they cannot do anything.
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  • I am using it too. It happens much in europe.