Iris – Now you can chat with android !

Recently Apple launched iOS5. The main feature that caught everyone’s mind was Siri. Siri is a personal assistant application for iOS. The application uses natural language processing to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions.

There was a huge uproar that this is the reason Android can never compete with Apple’s products. However, Dextera, the android developmental team managed to make a prototype of a personal assistant in just 8 hours! Here’s a video demonstration by XdaDevelopers:

Although still in developmental process, Iris proved a point. What took Apple a really long time to develop took Android just 8 hours. This was due to the expertise in google, existence of voice recognition software that was open sourced, and inspiration from the already launched siri.

The new Iris app is now available on the Android Market. Download it and try it out. The best part with Iris is that you can play around with it and have fun. Its not just something that’ll simplify your life but also make it more enjoyable.

Summing up: Iris is

  • Personal assistant for android
  • Developed by Dextera
  • First prototype was made in 8 hours
  • Understands everything you say(try it out, even misuses and abuses are understood)
  • More fun to use than Siri
  • Now on the Android Market


  • Raj

    Frankly speaking, I feel that I would not want to use that personal ‘speaking assistant’ even if its from Apple. I wonder why they have started complicating things which they simplified earlier.

    • Siddhu

      Agree with you.. I use iris mainly for fun, not for real work.. but this is useful for people with disabilities and especially for responding to notifications at night when looking into a bright screen can make your eyes hurt…

  • Hahaha! I just downloaded this Iris on my phone from android market. Seems to me that Android manufacturers were alarmed by this new Siri of iPhone that is why they created a prototype in just 8 hours. Amazing!

  • Chat on Android this is amazing feature in Android smart phone now but as you mention in post Android can never compare with the Apple as apple is the best

  • Raj

    Iris is equally cool as Siri, but all these apps are meant for fun, i can term them as the real “Personal Speaking Assistant’s”..

  • Iris = siri..good and informative

  • it has some connection with iPhone….Read Iris in opposite direction, Siri…. see i told you….