iPhone 5 would probably look like this

The shipping of Apple iPhone 5 will start in the month of September, that’s really not the news for the day. We found an Image floating on web- The probable design of next version of iPhone (iPhone 5).

Sources say the iPhone 5 will be entirely redone. The mocked up image is what we have with us..

The phone is supposed to be tapered, comes with a minimal bezel. The home button looks larger with additional swiping gestures.

The mocked up image which we have could just be a design prototype and not necessarily be the production phone.

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  • Shakti

    wow..this looks more like iphone 3/3gs than iphone4…iph4 looks bland..this looks better..:)

  • oh my god…this looks so awesome! i will be very happy if this is the iPhone 5 which will be released. its so sleek and slim, i m already in love with it!! 🙂

  • Wow looks just the same as the last.

  • this looks more sleeker than its predecessors. Cool

  • Really looking forward to this version of the iPhone, especially that I am hearing about a possible 1080p video capture.


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