Scroll is Cool - Try the jQuery Scrollorama

In the name of “Cool” here is Scrolloroma which lets you Animate your Webpages

Want something hip and out of the ordinary, then take a look at this plugin which Animates your webpages and makes your site stand out to the crowd. How many of you have really tried out something unique with your site? Sure i have seen many web designers who really have captured my senses on the web. But only a quite few of em were outstanding.

Scrollorama animates your webpages in a unique way

Here’s to something unusual and creative. John Polacek, a Web Designer from Chicago has developed a jQuery plugin which animates any HTML web element on your site, be it audio, video or an image. CSS animations commonly used for creating Web 2.0 buttons and other style effects is now old skool, on the other hand Scrollorama uses jQuery’s smooth scrolling to provide that extra something for your readers.

The Plugin gives you some really nice animation effects to start with such as Fade in, Fly in, Rotate in and Zoom in. The plugin is free to download and if you happen to be a web developer you can create some new animations too.

So what are you waiting for? Go to github and download the Scrollorama plugin. You can also visit the plugin site to see a live demo illustrating an animated webpage.

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Source: The Verge

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