IE6, When is your Death Day?

The Big Companies on Web Have Taken a New Initiative. The Project Name is No More IE6 just to stop the Usage of Internet Explorer 6 around the world. An Eight Year Old Browser, Rather regarded as Ancient Browser which failed to support new web applications and people always wished IE6 to die as soon as Possible.

Youtube have already Started Popping a Message Upgrade to one of the New Browser Whenever IE6 User attempts to access youtube.

It’s not only Youtube now, A dozen of Popular companies in the web have decided to go strong against IE6 and to kill the IE6 browser completely. Soon The Major Companies in The web are embedding a Piece of code in their website, when Implemented it looks like

IE6 bar

The IE6 bar notifies the user to upgrade to Latest browser when used from IE6. Awaiting for That IE6 Bar Code. Kill IE6!.

More Information on This Dying Browser at here