do a barrel roll on google now

I dare you to "do a barrel roll" on Google

Type “do a barrel roll” on Google now to see the magic. Google has always come up with cool and creative tricks for the users to ponder upon. This time one of their engineers came up with yet another easter trick for us.


I was just surfing on when i suddenly came across a link titled “do a barrel roll”. I was just curious and clicked on the link, then i noticed what a wonderful trick it was. I grabbed my pants and went straight to to try it out for myself.

My jaws literally dropped after i witnessed something amazing, the webpage suddenly did a clockwise roll. Those were my greatest 4 seconds spent that day. I tried it three or more times and never got bored.

the witnessing of do a barrel roll on google

So did you enjoy to “do a barrel roll” on google? Tell us how many times you did it by commenting and lets see who did the maximum rolls! 🙂