How useful is Facebook Questions?

You might have realised a new ‘cute’ button alongside status, photos etc. on your facebook wall or news feed. Like me, you might be left wondering what the heck it is. This latest facebook newbie is called – Facebook Questions, and what is does? Well, simple!! it allows users to get answers to their queries from the entire Facebook community. Probably it adds a little more spice in Facebook vs Twitter usability discussions.

This may prompt you to quickly fire a very legitimate question in your mind – Do we not have something similar already – Yahoo! Answers, Quora and Mahalo etc. Answer is yes, we already have BUT ‘Facebook Questions’ is little more than simply posing questions on internet communities. It gives users the opportunity to ask questions just by clicking the “Ask Question” button on the homepage. Questions is also available on friends’ profiles just as you would post on someone’s WALL. Does it make sense now?

In a nutshell, the usability of ‘Facebook Questions’ can be summarised as below:

Photo Questions:

This feature comes from Google search tool, if you have got on your iphone but here your friends have options to teach you than powerful google algorithm. For example, if you take a picture of a bird, but don’t know what species it is, you can post the picture on Facebook Questions and get your answer. Of course expect silly answers too.


If you’re simply looking for the answer to Which city is better: Chicago or Dallas?, you can get your answer by creating a poll. Again, accept answer at your risk as friends are there to confuse you.


The company seems to be placing a lot of emphasis on tagging questions based on category or topic. The goal seems to be to make Q&A discovery an easier and faster process by making it simple to look up questions on cooking, photography, San Francisco or a variety of other topics.

Topic exploration:

Facebook described this as a roulette-type feature that allows users to browse Facebook’s eventual mountain of Q&A. Under the “Questions about” drop-down menu, there’s a feature called “Everything” that allows users to browse the company’s catalog of questions.


This feature is cool than it sounds. it gives you space to start your own little discussion board with your friends as members. You can follow specific questions for updates and new answers.

Updated homepage:

Facebook Questions does actually change the homepage, adding a new bar at the top of the page where you can choose to update your status, ask a question, add photos, or post a link.

So, lets explore ‘Facebook Questions’ and add more feathers if I missed any. Keep smiling!!!

  • Grrreat post, Shakti! Is this your first post? Your post count reads ‘1,’ I’m sure Chaaps readers would be guessing that’s our april fool prank. Haha 🙂
    Wonderful insights, I must say. Also, I like this feature. This is the only existing thing, I reckon, that challenges Quora, however my vote goes to Quora.
    There is nothing wrong with Facebook questions except but the annoyance. All my friends are trying it out and successfully making my News feed as well as my notifications crappy.
    Welcome to the Chaaps team 🙂

    • Shakti

      Thanks bro..I am glad that u liked 🙂

  • Till now, I have answered only 1 question in FB! and that question has been put up on this post! 😛 facebook questions, sounds good!

    • Shakti

      I can see you using it more often now..

  • nice article shakti! i am also getting a lot of questions about who will win the world cup and all…although its a new experiment by facebook, i kinda lyk it coz we can get views from our friends about a specific topic and if we are confused sometimes about something we can just fire up a question right away and get answers!!!

    • Shakti

      Thanks seems to be a new hit as if not sure about it’s future..

  • well, that’s a nice post

    • Shakti


  • Pretty annoying really. Most of the questions I see posted are just outright stupid…

  • Shakti

    Ya..and even answers are funny and stupid..but all for fun though..

  • facebook questions is really useful in communities and fan pages , but soetimes annoying on profile pages ..

  • Very un useful i have tried many time to connect my blog with Facebook and the help section really doesn’t do much, they don’t even have an 800 number or customer support email. It is kinda weird.

  • I think it is a pretty cool feature, especially for people new to Facebook.

    – Robert