How to test WordPress



Are you a blogger using Blogspot(Blogger) and would like to change to WordPress ? Of course there are many advantages of WordPress but a common complaint of WordPress users is that WordPress is very difficult to use. This confusion could be avoided if you could test WordPress before paying for your web host. Now you can !

Lets compare the pricing between hosting blogger and wordpress:

  • Blogger is free. For a domain you could pay approx 10$ a year.
  • WordPress is free. For the web host for hosting wordpress you could pay approx 5$ per month or 60$ per year + 10$ per year for domain.

This means you’ll pay an extra 60$ per year for hosting WordPress. Is this really worth it ? Why not test wordpress before using it..

What are the main advantages of WordPress over Blogger ?

  • Your own server
  • You own your blog. Unlike Blogger where Google owns your blog
  • Control over your domain files

Considering these it may seem that WordPress is easy to use. But starting a WordPress blog itself can take hours while Blogger blog ban be made in a few minutes. Also WordPress requires web hosting which will cost you while Blogger can be used free with its sub-domain

But now, you can get your WordPress blog free !

The best free web host I’ve found yet is
You can make your account for free and host WordPress. This hosting gives you all the features you need to host WordPress.

You’ll get a domain like and you could take sub-domains like ….

I’ve already tried it and I’m hosting WordPress absolutely free on

In case you want to host wordpress but don’t want a domain, then you could use the free sub-domain itself ! Here’s your free WordPress with a cool domain like

Try it out and make sure you like wordpress before using it.

Would trying WordPress be worth the time taken ? Give us your comments….


  • Hey Good,… But why So Much Success, when you could easily have which has the same wordpress dashboard!

  • I would say wordpress is any time better than this , I have seen lot of people complaining over blogger.
    .-= Suhasini´s last blog ..Problems in Surfing Facebook =-.

    • Everyone has their own likes and dislikes.. I find WordPress hard to use but much better than blogger…
      .-= Siddhu´s last blog ..Comodo releases its new browser – The Dragon =-.

      • Siddhu , i am going to test this out for the next hour or so…

        But i am really interested into what is the monthly percent of there server uptime. I couldn’t find anything about this

        • I found it, its 99.99% uptime per month

          • That’s a good rate (I think).. I’ve tried many free hosts, and I’ve noticed the ByetHost server down at many times, but its the best free host I know yet…

            By the way, I thought the uptime was less than 99.99% per month… Its down quite a long time… Today itself when I was using it was down for 2-3 mins…
            .-= Siddhu´s last blog ..Browser Chooser to manage your browsers easily =-.

      • @Siddhu thats what there website said, maybe they have over exaggerated there own product.

        Btw, i am trying to test it out, how do i install WordPress?

  • No doubt WordPress is the best compared to blogspot…
    But For a new blogger blogspot is the best one ….

  • After having used both Blogger and WordPress, I must say that I love WordPress!

    I’d not say that what you have explained here is “free hosting” in true sense, but it can be better than the blogspot blogs!
    .-= TechChunks´s last blog ..TechChunks After 5 Months of Blogging (Lessons Learned, Achievements and Blog Statistics) =-.

  • Its already proved wp is better than blogger with several reasons

  • Good news — you can force a “hard crop” to 150×120. The example used in this post isn’t ideal, because WordPress can’t (yet) do on-the-fly resizing/cropping. What it’s doing if you use the above example is browser-resizing. And if you’re doing that then no, you can’t specify a hard crop.

  • Saw your blog post here and grabbed the patched version and it got it working. The only issue I have now is the plugin causes a white screen of death and blocks the twitter push (but the post goes out to WP itself).