How to Switch to Youtube’s HTML5 Video Player?


HTML5 is a New Kid into the Block! Every Major Web Company has now started to develop sites which is html5 Compatible. Youtube had recently announced that it supports html5. Youtube Makes use of Adobe’s Flash Player to Play Videos. One Can Also Play Videos in youtube without having a Flash Player as Youtube Converts all its video in the format h.264 which is a Standard and doesn’t need any Third Party like Flash Player…

You Can switch From Youtube’s Flash Video Player to HTML5 Video Player by Joining Youtube’s TestTube’s Experiment by Visiting [Remember, Try this, only if you are in a Browser which Supports html5]

Upon Visiting The you will be Prompted to Join html5 Beta as Shown in The ScreenShot

Once You enable the html5, You Can Notice the Following Changes in your youtube Video Player (Appearance wise)

1.A Bottom line displaying HTML5
2.HTML5 Text during loading

Here is an Example HTML5 Videoplayer of youtube.

You Can always Revert back to your old Flash Player Settings by Clicking on “Leave html5 ” at

Did You Try using HTML5 Video Player in Youtube? What Changes you Experienced from present Flash Video Player? If You’ve Not Tried html5 Video Player it’s the time for you to give this a Try