How to Start a Blog on Blogspot/Blogger for Free


My first article on chaaps!!! 🙂

When someone has a blog or a website, she/he often confronts this question by others, “how do you ever create it”? Well, this article is for all those who want to start blogging/writing but are new to the blogging world.

To start writing and posting articles on the Internet you need a platform where you can write and, where the rest of the world can read it. You either need have your own purchased web space or you can choose from the wide varieties of blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Posterous, Tumblr and many more.
Personally, I prefer blogger platform ( The main reasons being,

  • It is enough if you have a Gmail ID (Google account). With this ID you can create your blog easily.
  • Template (Design of the blog) manipulation is made very easy.
  • Adding your own scripts / codes / widgets is simple.
  • You can create multiple blogs using the same ID.
  • You will have your own blogger profile and share your likes and interests with the world.
  • You will be always connected to Gmail.
  • You can invite your Gmail contacts to read your blog easily. (There is an option for this)
  • You can flaunt your favorite websites and blogs using a feature called “Blogs I Follow”
  • You can earn revenue by using Google adsense and (Recently decided to provide incentives to the bloggers if they would create sales for Amazon products in their blogs)
  • Recently a new feature called “Template Designer” has been introduced wherein you can provide a neat and sleek look to your blog.
  • There is a feature that also allows you to share your favorite audio clip in your profile. 🙂 If you just click on it, the music starts playing 🙂 PS: This is one of my favorite features 🙂

Well I can go on and on with the reasons 🙂  You’ll get to know more only if you start using it.
So I think I’ve told you enough about the blogger platform.
Let us get started with how to create a blog.

Step 1: Open the page

Step 2: I am sure everyone has a Gmail / Google ID, so you can login using your Gmail / Google ID and password. If you don’t have a Google account no problem!! 🙂 Just click on “CREATE A BLOG”
Step 3: You will get the following window. Fill up the form as per the requirements. NOTE: You can give any Email ID of yours which exists.

Step 4: Tick mark the “I accept” check box and click “CONTINUE”.

Step 5: Next you need to give a name to your blog and a URL. Like if you want your URL to be, “bpratiba” is what you need to specify in the URL text box. After you are done with this click “CONTINUE”.

Step 6: In the next step you’ll be given an option to pick a starter template. (You can change this template later) Just select one and click “CONTINUE”.

Step 7: Finally you have created a blog!! You will get a notification as follows. Click on “START BLOGGING”

Step 8: You will get a window as follows. Just type whatever you feel like in the given text boxes. You can also add pictures, links; you can change the font, font size, indentations and so on. Many options are there to modify the content. If you know HTML, well and good! You can always use the HTML editor using “Edit Html” tab. In fact, using HTML editor is the best option

Step 9: I just added a picture here. Now you can click on “PUBLISH POST”.

Step 10: You’ll get the following window. Click on Edit post if you want to make changes to the post again. Click on “View Post” in a new window if you want to see what you’ve created.

Step 11: This is how your blog post will look like. You can go back edit the post 🙂

I hope this was clear and useful. This post is exclusively dedicated to the beginners in Blogger world 🙂