Now share you circles on Google+

How To: Share your circles on Google+

The Google Plus Team on Saturday revealed a nice new feature to its users,

Sharing of your circles on Google+. Yes now you can share any Google+ circle with your friends, family or celebrities and the people you have shared the circle with can add people from your circle. Its easy too.

As we know we can make as many circles we want on Google+ and keep them private to us. But if you have a categorised circle containing people sharing a common taste, you couldn’t share it earlier. Now that Google+ is fully open to everybody, the Google+ crew is expanding all its features and sharing of circles is one of them.

Let me tell you how its done.

Pick a circle on Google+ to share

Go to your favourite circle and click it. Immediately you will see three options Edit, Delete and Share. Click on Share. Comment something to go with the circle and choose a friend to share it with. You can also share a circle with a group of people i.e. an entire circle too.

Share your Google+ circle with your friends

When it is shared people wont see the circle name but rather see who the members are of that circle and if they wish add them to their circle too. Remember any changes they make to that circle will not reflect it in your own. Your circle is and always will, remain private.

Note: At present you can only share 250 people at a time. If you want to share more than that make another circle and share it.

Watch a short video that Google+ engineer Owen Prater has put together. As he was the one to introduce this feature.

So did you enjoy this feature? Please comment your experiences of Google+ with us!

Source: ZDNet


  • I’ve an account on Google+ but not very active over there. This feature is useful as you mentioned in the post “we can now share circle containing people sharing a common taste”.

    • thanx aaron, i m also not a very active member on g+ but occasionally i do make some posts…all tech though 😉 🙂

  • I am liking Google+ more than any other social network by far. I am not sure I want to share my circles yet, but I am still learning daily about Google+ as a whole. I especially like the way it looks when photos and videos are uploaded!

    I just hope they don’t blast it with ads like most other social sites and every other Google site.. lol

    Thanks for the cool update!
    -Gabriel Johansson

    • thanx for the feedback, gabriel. i am also learning about google+ …there are a lot of tricks to it…finding a new one everyday! 🙂

  • Now it is fully open.. only drag the user and add to the circle.This feature i like it.

  • Cool.. that’s new feature which i haven’t heard of.. let me try it out..

  • Google+ is really up in the air. I am keeping an eye on all news related to this network. This will add another one in my favorite list….

  • Nice, this is one of the articles I actually saw a video with it and it really helps a lot…