[HOW TO] Setup BuddyPress on WordPress 3.0.1!

August 1, 2010

It’s been a long time from I have been away from Internet, even didn’t do anything on my own blogs. I am kinda person who always likes to keep playing with something or the other. If you’re one of Extreme Trix reader, you would know my nature.. Every month I do some changes and every third-fourth month I release a new version. But these days I even didn’t get time to write any article playing with them was a far away thing.  As my 1st unit go over this Saturday I was kinda free so thought why don’t I do something?

From a quite time I was planning to give a try to BuddyPress on my blogs as it is the only open source application I am good with after WordPress. I have been testing BuddyPress on local server from a year and last day finally it was time to make it live. Here’s a tutorial for others who would like to try it on their blog or blogs too.


  • Make sure your WordPress blog is upgraded properly (doesn’t matter on which version you are).
  • You have a complete back up of your blog (if anything goes wrong, you can revert back).
  • Your Permalink structure is not too complex.

Getting Started

  • Head over to ‘plugin’ page from your WordPress Dashboard, click on ‘Add new’ and search for “BuddyPress” without quotes and like you install other plug-ins, similarly click on the install button and BuddyPress would be installed in seconds.

    installing BuddyPress

    installing BuddyPress

  • Once installed activate the plugin by clicking on ‘Activate’ button. You would see a black colored admin bar at the top of your Dashboard once installed successfully, though the bar may show up in your blog’s theme as your theme may not compatible with it.
  • If your blog’s theme is fully compatible, then it’s good enough or else you would be left with two options  either to install a BuddyPress compatible theme or make your theme compatible with it (don’t worry making a theme compatible is easy).



  • As I said in above lines either install a BuddyPress compatible theme or make your own theme compatible with it. I am sure most of you wouldn’t like to change your theme as it would require a lot of time to change a BuddyPress to look like required to your needs. Don’t worry making a theme compatible is even simpler than installing a plugin.
  • To make your current theme BuddyPress compatible, you would require a plugin – BuddyPress Template Pack. Install and activate it. After activating, head over to BP Compatibility page under the Appearance section.

    BP Compability

    BP Compability

  • Your first step would be to move two theme files, do it! And continue following other 4 steps until you feel that your theme is working all fine. It won’t matter much if you do or don’t the last 3 steps as they are common tips to fix alignment and move some more pages to better flexibility.
  • Congrats! You now have a social network cum blog now! 😀

If you want to experience BuddyPress’s features without trying on your blog, head over this page and if you want to try it on your local host read the tutorial here.

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