How to Run a Web Server on S60 Mobile Phones!

Yes! You read it right!! Here is a way you can Turn your Mobile into a Web server! Sounds Great isn’t it? You can Host your Files on your favorite s60 mobile device which serves webpages!! Start and Stop your Server whenever you want! What Not, This Server even Supports PHP Scripts and you could even Install hell lot of simple CMS which allows to manage your Content!! All Running on your Smart Phone!!

Well, Let us see how we can Achieve this… (Mobile Web Server) MWS is a concept introduced by Nokia Research to make the most out of Mobile resources… Though it takes quite a challenge to Handle Requests. its not a bad option to make Mobile as a Web server, as the Phones will be 24×7 On ..and it can be your Portable Web Server…

Imagine a Server RUNNING on your Phone serving Requests when you are moving on a Vehicle!!

If You are a Nokia User and Own any S60 3rd or 5th Version.. You could set up your Server in few minutes of Time… All Thanks to FileWS a 6.8 Mb application which you could get in Nokia’s Ovi Store!!

Fine WS requires Python and Open C support… (You need not worry as Everything comes in a Package with this SIS file) Just hit on Installation and Wait for it to Complete!

Download FineWS 2.3.5 Application to your mobile from Ovi Store or download directly to your PC and Transfer to your Phone..

Just hit on Sign up button to Finish the Installation.. You will be getting an Unique URL which you could use that to access from anywhere!!
Your Files will be stored in E:/Data/DocRoot which serves as resources for your Mobile Site when the Server is Running!! When you have stopped server, User Sees an Offline Message..

I have Set Up FineWS Server on my Nokia S60v5 device.. You could Visit My Mobile Web Site Running on Phone at (I have hosted a small index.html file with a simple h1 tag)

Here are Few ScreenShots….

Start and Stop your Web Server… Fine WS supports PHP

Check Out Your Site and Install New CMS..

You Can Even Install Simple CMS to Manage Content… Here is a Huge list Available!

Online Webpage Running Making Mobile as Web Server!(simple index.html)

Online Webpage Running Making Mobile as Web Server!(CMS Installed)

Link: OviStore | Download

What do you think of Mobile Web Server?? We like to Hear from you on this Topic.. Feel Free to Comment 🙂


  • This is one of the craziest article i have ever read. This is really great but we may try it just for fun. Cannot transform the phone completely as a webserver as it already lags in resources.

    Good try though 🙂
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Monthly Traffic and Revenue Report- August 2010 =-.

  • Yea Robin, even for me too, Chethan you are faar too ahead bro. Im have not yet tried to run Webserver on my system till now lolz 😛
    .-= siddz´s last blog ..10 Tips to Make Your Blog Hard to Crack! =-.

  • That’s pretty cool that something like this can actually be achieved! Makes sense to me since your cell phone is nothing more than a computer initself you know?

    Till then,


  • It is worth pointing out that much of the above is ‘blue sky thinking’; a web server running on your phone may not be the best solution for some of the areas outlined above, but there is undoubted potential.
    .-= John roofing products´s last blog ..Asphalt Roofing Cost vs Metal Roofing Costs =-.

    • Jin

      Why is it a blue sky thinking?
      It can lead people and society to be more powerful.
      It also brings a lot of opportunity to success in the life, I think.
      Exchange of private data could be an example.isn’t it?
      Hope to be implemented this mobile web server as a great and useful tool in my life.

    • wpark

      Web servers has already run on Nokia phone.

    • Anything can be considered blue sky thinking, the point is context and experimentation. I use this software on my mobile as a means of bridging the gap between my digital life and offline life as a digital business card.

      If you can’t reach for the sky, then you become limited by the horizon towards what’s possible.

  • New to me. Thanks for sharing. This will help when urgent needs come my way 😛
    .-= Mani Viswanathan´s last blog ..Google unleashes the power of HTML5 in its new doodle =-.

  • mulunni

    I am also using this software .
    It is very interest, running My Site on My phone.
    I can sharing my site on Internet from my phone.

  • That’s Odd to hear.. will try out with some of my friend’s mobiles 🙂
    .-= Siddharth´s last blog ..7 Best iPhone Website Analytics Apps =-.

  • I have my site on iPod.
    This is walking gallary site. I’m crazy on it.
    Then why not on symbian, Of course it will be nice. I think.

  • Really… I cant believe my own eyes.. I have to be dreaming… This article is just too good !!! Its hard enough to run a server on a desktop, now a nokia mobile :O

  • :O that is all i can say but :O
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  • i am already using it….

    .-= Crunchynow´s last blog ..What to do when your Blog Content has been copied by someone else =-.

  • Can anyone tell me which is the best phone reception vodaphone.or t-mobile as the one I am on is 3 and the reception is diabolical. also being on pay as you go the minimum I can put in is £10. with the credit crunch I would prefer to only put in £5.Thanks

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