How to prevent your Facebook account from being hacked?


A recent third-part research found out that Facebook accounts are more prone to getting hacked than are twitter accounts, e-mail accounts and any other social network. Thus here is a small step by Facebook to prevent your account from getting hacked.

Facebook security option
Facebook new security option

But how to prevent my Account from getting hacked?

  • Head your browser to your Facebook account settings
  • Under Account Security
  • Switch to ‘Yes’ from the default ‘No’
  • Fill the SMS checkbox (Optional but Recommended)
  • Submit

Now, Each time you login from a new device give it a Relevant time so that Facebook can distinguish between your own device and a hackers device.

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This new feature by Facebook is pretty useful, but what to do if your own Sibling hacks your account just for fun? Lets look forward on Facebook rolling out more features to protect it’s users privacy.