How to play Call Of Duty 4 Pirated Online.


Before starting this tutorial I want to make sure that I don’t want to encourage piracy by this post! Its just for educational purpose.

For this tutorial you will need an Intalled Call Of Duty 4, Xfire or Garena, Good Net, Skills and some more stuff.

Note: The trick works on cracked servers (Servers which do not require CD-Key Validation).

Steps! Follow Exactly the same!

  1. Get a COD4 DVD from market or download it from net! Whichever suits you!
  2. Install the game with the given key or use keygen.
  3. Now you would need to download some game patches (7 in no.). Download Call Of Duty Patches 1.1,1.2… till 1.7. You need all because all are compulsary and they need to be installed serialwise.
  4. After downloading Install them orderly.
  5. After that grab a no cd patch for Single Player from net or the DVD provided. You can also find one on www.GameCopyWorld.Com replace the original one.
  6. Now your COD configuration is complete! Now download a program called X-Fire and Install and log into it. It will keep a track of the servers you visit and will avoid you will the hassle of finding the same server again and again in its server tab. Add the server to favorites.
  7. Now google out “Call Of Duty 4 Cracked Servers”. You may also refer to or
  8. Now when you want to join the game or a specific server select Xfire Icon in the website and the xfire will automatically launch the game. If not… Open browser. Type


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